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Funding the Flops…

Recently I have been funding a few movies. I mean i have actually purchased tickets for these crap on screens.

Cheena Thaana 001 vadivel.jpg

The worst so called “Comedy Movie”. Cliched jokes, immature ugly painted heroine, poor performance by established actors, absence of story line and top of all antique car and dog jokes. I choose the movie just because Vadivel was in it and he let us all down. Worst movie of the century award winner. The best part is the climax, where the Commisioner of Police congradulates the Hero and awards him with a free Honeymoon trip to Scotland along with the Lizardy looking Heroine. Wonder if they would have any advertisements coming up between commercial break! “This part of the Honeymoon is brought to you by Tamilnadu Police !

 Tamil MA (Katrathu Tamil) jeeva.jpg

Gory deaths, wailing women, prostitution, drugs, corruption…name all the vices in the world…and this movie has got it loaded. From start to end, there is no happy moment in the movie. And I purchased tickets in Inox to go see women wailing over dead bodies and to spoil my entire weekend. Stay out of this movie unless you want to commit suicide.

Urchagam sherin.jpg

Actually I downloaded this movie and I am glad that I didn’t waste time in theater. Pretty Sherine is the only plus point of this movie whose story line was lifted from a few 1980’s Tamil/Telegu movie. A dead man walking in the form of hero and a dead dog barking in form of villain are the stars of the movie. I think heroines getting drenched in rain with translucent saree is an art of seduction of the past. Sherine looks gorgeous even without all those unnecessary rain songs. Her wardrobe demands some mention and so does the cameraman. But unnecessary scenes, verbal diahreas, meaningless dialogs, same-old comedy from Vivek makes this movie totally unwatchable.

Do Stay away from all these crap.

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