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Sharing the Dog’s Space

Recently I came across Stray dog menace news like most of you. Authorities have also started taking steps to curb dog population. They planned to sterilize them, kill them, gas them, electrocute them, poison inject them or do anything they can imagine. People have even started stoning them to death. I am not a member of any Blue cross, but still I think its Hitler was much better than these people. We humans are the ones who started domesticating wild dogs. We brought them into our society and some people for some reason didn’t want them in the society and turned them back to the wild. But “The Wild” exists no more, cause we have started invading all known forests on earth. Where will they live? They have to survive, so they came back to our roads and we have named them “Stray dogs”.
Now because of a few bad encounters with human, we have decided to get rid of them. I agree that certain dogs have attacked kids and women on road. But there are ways to elude a dog attack. Let me tell you a few out of my experience.

  1. 1. Never ever look at any stray dog in its eyes. Especially if you see him as the alpha male of his pack, don’t dare to look into his eyes. Looking into eyes means challenging them and “Animal Instinct” is to dominate and they want to dominate you and get mad at you.
  2. If a dog or a group of dog starts chasing you while you are on bike, don’t stop or pick up speed, just keep on riding at the same pace without paying attention to them. Even if their snout touches your legs, don’t be afraid, just keep on riding and after a few seconds they loose interest in the chase and give up.
  3. If a dog comes up to you and start sniffing or starts wagging its tail, don’t shoo it away rudely. Just ignore it and it will go away. Don’t look into its eyes. You never know what’s going on in their mind. If they get frightened by your shooing, they might bite you and run away to save them. You can’t blame them, its animal instinct again.
  4. If you choose to feed it by giving it something, don’t try to touch it while its eating. Its sheer suicide.
  5. Never try to play with puppies. Newly born puppies are always monitored by their mother or the pack and female dogs can even kill to save their puppies. They cant differentiate a human play or a human hunt. After all, “Game” is thesaurus for “Hunt”… right?
  6. If you see a dog bleeding or limping or sick, don’t go near it. They are in so much pain and they get easily irritated when in pain. If you really want to help, just call a veterinarian and pay him for the treatment, even if it’s a street dog.
  7. Don’t throw stones or tease dogs on the street especially during their intercourse. Streets are their bedroom and they deserve some privacy. Just don’t look in that direction and continue your work. Don’t chase away dogs which are trying to woo the female. They can dare to kill just to show off.
  8. Alpha male means the most dominant male being in the group. Stay away from the alpha dog of the pack. They are strong, aggressive and possessive.
  9. Don’t let kids play with stray dogs. Not only the kids can be infected, but kids are easy targets for dogs to prove who is dominant.
  10. When you are walking alone at night and some dogs start barking at you, don’t respond to them. They don’t understand your language. Just keep on walking at a steady pace with both your hands inside your pocket or folded to keep them high abouve their reach. Don’t panic or don’t run.

Just remember “No looking into the eyes”, “No sudden movements of any part of your body”, and “No running away”. Only domestic dogs must be looked into the eyes. Domestic and Stray dogs have completely different attitude. Pet dogs look into your eyes to try to understand your actions. They can identify your mood by studying the dilation of your retina. You can understand them by their body language. That’s a bit away from the topic. But essentially understand that pet and stray dogs have different ways of thinking and act and react to them accordingly.

Understand that God has made these wonderful animals to live with you. Learn and adapt to live with them. When an animal can learn and adapt to live away from their habitat with humans, why can’t we adapt? The world is vast, so must be your mind and share the world with the near and dear creatures around us and that makes our society and eco-system complete.

Thats my sweet little lion king called “Micky”. The dare devil who has hunted down a fully grown snake to save my family. His hobbies include chase his non-existant tail, hunt down rats, chameleons and bark at sheeps and bulls passing my gate.”


3 responses

  1. deepan

    we can just hope that murphys law doesn’t work

    October 26, 2007 at 8:27 AM

  2. That’s some fine advice being thrown out dude! There sure is a lot of street dog menace here at blore!

    October 30, 2007 at 9:21 AM

  3. litterboxtips

    a lot of street dog killed by some abusive man just to have fun for their attack.

    November 11, 2009 at 7:12 AM

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