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Techies up for Auction: A Fiction

The recent IPL auctions have changed a lot in the Cricketing Industry. Players who were getting salaries based on their performance / statistics / brand value were seen to sold like products in a market. In a way everyone is a product in the current scenario. Not only sportsmen and celebrities, every software professsionals are also being purchased. So why not auction Software professionals.


The HR Sourcing department from various companies can come forward to form a guild like structure. The guild must be self governing and must be built on high standards. IT Techies who feel that they are on-par with the industry standards, can register themselves with this HR Guild. The HR guild can screen the techie and pick out the person who are of high self-standards. They can screen a professional based on personal, business and technical standards put forth by various IT Companies. Once a Techie passes the rigorous screening process, he is entitled to be auctioned.

Auction can be online. Just like a job portal, the guild needs to have an auction portal where the details of the Techies who is eligible to be auctioned is posted. The corporate guys can start bidding on the prospective employees and they can bid CTC or Term of employement or Both. The entire process of bidding needs to be monitored by a independent group of auction managers. Once bidding is over, the techie can choose to accept or reject the offer. He can reject the offer and go for re-auction and if he accepts he can check the jobs T&C and go join the company.

The guild cannot accept freshers to enroll with them. This will create chaos in the job market. They can accept only experienced professionals who are on par with standards. A massive pool of talents will be open for the corporates and experienced professionals will be forced to maintain their standards and be on par with industry standards. This could be an stage for all professionals to be on the same page as the technical advancements and at the same time, they can earn the right amount for their talent. This could be a solution for various HR related problems for the corporates like attrition, compensation, appraisal, etc.


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  1. Hi Giri,

    U stole my thoughts. Wondering whether I will cross the 7 figure mark ;-)

    March 20, 2008 at 6:47 AM

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