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Doubles not welcome!

Me and My friend Kannapan decided to go out and have dinner one Sunday evening in Chennai. But the restaurant we chose, had different plans for us. Just the 2 of us started out and strayed into Ashok Nagar and stumbled onto Hotel Sangamam near Ashok Pillar. I thought I have never tried that restaurant and so decided to experiment. As we walked in, a friendly door guard welcomed us in Chettinad Style. Then as we asked a waiter (No.1) a table for 2, he asked us to sit along with 2 guys in mid 40s. We didn’t want to share tables, coz we thought this was decent restaurant and we would like to have some time to chat as well. So we sat down facing each other in a table which had place for 4. A waiter (No.2) came to us and told to sit in same side as people will be coming in. I told him politely that if people come in, we will move. We clearly saw around 4-5 empty tables. The guy repeated but I insisted and shoo’d him away. No water was given yet. 5 min later another waiter (No.3) came and told us again to move to the same side. He was testing my temper. I told him, ok ill go out and bring 2 more people. The guy asked us to calm down as he was just requesting and walked away. Still no water served. We asked for water to another waiter (No.4) and he came with a water jug and asked us to sit on the same sides.

This made me really angry and I started giving out my sting remarks. I asked Kannappan if we can walk out and he asked me calm down. By now we have attracted much attention and 2 managers walked to us. They asked what the problem was. When explained, they listened intently and said that they waiters would have requested as they were expecting more crowd and without any apology or action, they walked away. Now the waiter no.3 came back and asked us what had happened. He justified himself but kept on his rude attitude. Now even Kannappan lost it and he shouted at him and questioned his way of treating customers. We walked out.

Else probably all the waiters would have teamed up and would have beaten us up and threated to sit on the same side.

Actually I don’t have any issues sharing tables with strangers. But the way they said it and their collective attitude totally pissed me off. In this chettinad restaurant, you wouldn’t find meaning for Gandhi’s words who said customers are the God.

I usually avoid eating outside for one reason that I always want food to be served with love and care to me. I find in many restaurants in Chennai and was deceived by the friendly door gaurd in this particular restaurant.
Advice is to avoid this restaurant if the number is 2.


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  1. TVK

    Giri, I have had a similair experience with the same restraunt.The waiters were very rude and when I complained to the owner(the guy in the kalla) he too didn’t bother and actually started shouting.Its a pathetic restraunt with horrible customer service.

    April 29, 2008 at 5:58 AM

  2. You must go to anna nagar Saravana Bhavan for a full dose of this.. There they dont even bother to be courteous.. Now a days being courteous has lost its meaning.. Think it has got something to do with a deeper problem with our society. We need to catch people young and educate on being courteous rather than educate them on quotas. visit:

    April 29, 2008 at 10:17 AM

  3. That was really rude … Though i do have a problem in sharing tables with strangers, restaurants for me aren’t only for good food, they r for good mood and great conversations.

    btw stumble here from rads blog.

    April 30, 2008 at 4:07 AM

  4. Gosh! Really? I should tell my parents to avoid this place. But they are a couple, so I am thinking it wouldn’t matter. But then again, mom likes her elbow room, so maybe I should warn them after all.

    I absolutely detest sitting next to each other and eating! Neck hurts!

    There really is no concept for personal space in India now that I think about it…

    April 30, 2008 at 8:45 AM

  5. wow!… I wish I was there to see you talking to those guys! hehehehe!

    But seriously I am surprised that you have encountered with such rude behavior. But again it is difficult to judge all the hotels in Chennai just because of one hotel incident.

    Nicely handled it though!….

    May 6, 2008 at 7:23 PM

  6. Giridhar

    @TVK… thala.. munadiye solla koodatha..
    @Bala…write a mail to annachi.. lets see if he replies..
    @rads…check out chennai.burpp before u plan to visit a restaurant
    @karthi.. not generalising da.. just warning the world…!
    @Maverick… welcome to my blog..

    May 7, 2008 at 12:15 PM

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