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The other day me and another team leader were chatting and he told me that one of his team members have taken a day off for a strange reason. Tha guy had gone to meet his college friends on a get-together. I was puzzled and I told that this is a normal reason. But he told me, that one must complete the task at the given time and must never extend it beyond deadline. He was given time to enjoy his college days and he must be done with it. When you move ahead in your life, you can look back but can never afford to stay back. You move forward only when both your legs are moving. If one leg is struck in the back pace, then you dont really move. At a given slot, the given task must be completely done with. This struck to me as a thunderbolt.

Made me think and lot and push the rewind button to check if I had completed all my task completely. School, College, first job, last job, current job everywhere it appears to me that I have completed the role fully. or have I? Role play as a son, grandson, niece, friend, more… need to introspect a lot…

Reminds me of Rajnikanth’s Song from Badshah…”Yetu yetua manushan vaazhva pirichuko.. yentha yettil ippo iruke therinjuko…”


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  1. Gnani


    June 9, 2008 at 7:33 AM

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