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Whats with the new obsession of naming kollywood movies with birds name? Tax saving titles have run-out is it? First came Kaka Kaka (Surya starrer), then Kurivi (Vijay starrer) and now Seval (Bharat starrer). Creativity in titles have run out of our directors? Ok let me suggest a few names for a few stars and also the story line. Producers, please contact me for the full story.

Thee Kozhi – Entirely shot in Turkey, this Ajeet Starrer movie is about a firefighter who falls in love with a road side beggar woman, Trisha. But in real, Trisha is a multi-Billionaire’s only daughter. Her father is impressed by Ajeet as he saves his Cinema Kotagai from Fire in the climax scene.

MyNa– Psyco thriller on a serial killer starring Arjun, who kidnaps and kills all politicians by becoming their online friends in a social networking site called Namitha is the detective and she find out that the killer Arjun is none other than her college lover boy. But why did Arjun become a serial killer? Flash backs, rain songs, kutthu songs and remix will make this movie a sure hit.

Kazhugu – This is a remake of old movie with the same name only this time Vadivelu is the hero under Shankar Movie Production house. Female leads Monica, Samiksha, Ragasiya, O Podu Rani and Shreya in a Item song. Vadivel is married to Monica and they decide to go on a journey around the world in ambassador car for their honeymoon. This is a racy adventure and will be remade in Telegu, Kanada and Malayalam. Then finally Priyadarshan will remake it in Hindi.

Mayilu– Vijayakanth, a villager but in flash back he is Sekruty aapicer in Barlimant. Manisha Goyala is assistant aapicer. Terrorists kill her and take all her pet peacocks to Kashmir mountains. He kills all Bakistaani and Abganishtaani enemies and saves our national bird Mayil.

Yengada Naan Valatha Puraa – This is a telegu dubbing movie starring Dr Rajasekar and Chiranjeevi. Female Leads are Amisha Patel, Ileana, Hansika Motvani and Divya (Kuthu Ramya). Each Hero take 2 heroin and have double duets in Europe, Australia and America. Also one dream song where both heroes take turns in dancing with Ramya Krishnan. The songs run for 3 hours one after another, so forget about the story line.

Nee thaana antha Kuyil– This is a sequel to Mudhal Mariyathai. Ramarajan makes a comeback donning a new avatar. Jeans pota maatukaaran. Kanaga(boat girl by family business) is the daugher of old Radhika and Ramarajan is new to village and comes to earn a living by milking cows. Love blooms and all duets in Europe.

Kozhi Muttai rowsu – This is a multi-starer movie. Sathyaraj is coimbatore village naatamai. Kushboo is Mrs Nataamai. Senthil is their servant and Goundamani is the tharuthalai-dendachooru brother of Kushboo. Sibiraj, son of naatamai lovesu Kajala the daughter of next village natamai SV Sekar. Villian Napolean wants to marry Kajala instead and the climax is a rekala race between Sibi and Napolean.

By now, our Tamil movie goers are tired of Birdly names, so they want a change. So enough of Ornithology, lets jump to Zoology.

Theru Naai – Simbu wants to act with Lekha Washington (As she was dropped out of his previous movie), and TR is the all-in-all for this movie. So we go for this ALL-NEW storyline. Simbu is road side romeo and Lekha is daughter of rich businessman Prakashraj and she studies in college where TR is the Principal. The movie flow is like this: Fight-Sight-Love then Love-Duet-Scene then Fight-Run-Fight-Hide then last 20 min Bite-Blade-Bide, I mean.. TR non-stop dialogue delivery to change Prakashraj mind. Hey, almost forgot that Yogi B remix song featuring TR and Jr TR. (….naan unna kiss.. unakum iruka antha wish…ah dandanakka danakku nakka…)

Puli – Vijay is a son of a widow Saranya in a small village and he has a small grocery shop(potti kadai). Nayanthara and her dad Nedumdi Venu come to his shop to buy Puli (Tamarind) but no stock. Nedumudi Venu challenges Vijay to get him Puli then he can marry his daughter. Vijay goes to Bombay Bangkok to find puli but there villian group led by international Tamarind exporter Nazer turn him to Puli (Tiger). He kills them and comes back with lots of Puli to marry Nayan. Santhanam is his friend in village and Vivek is his guide cum friend in Bangkok.

Yerumamaadu– C Sundar is a top business magnet and Shreya is his PA. His business is to export Bufallo skin. His drunkard brother is Danush and he wants to marry Shreya and get all the money from his brother after killing him. This is a sure-hit as it packs all-in-one. Love, deception, brother paasam, business tactics, hot scenes, yana gupta item song, 4 remix songs (1 from maatukaara velan), sentiments, suspence, action and foreign locations.

Kaluthai thenju pochu – Srikanth and Sneha star in this family drama. Srikanth is jobless and is always cursed by his father and Sneha is his neighbour and she encourages him to buy lots of donkey and do business. His business fails and he hates Sneha. Will Sneha win her love back, watch the rest of the movie to know.

Hear! hear! Vijay’s next movie is titled Singam

More titles and story line is stock. They will be released on recieving confirmation and advance cheque from Producers.

Disclaimer: All stories and titles Copyrighted, but copyright will be sold for one single cup kaapi. If any animal or bird feels offended please book a case against me. Share of popularity confirmed.


9 responses

  1. Good One da.. Btw antha Yogi B and TR song full lyrics kadaikuma?? And why did you leave Rajni and Kamal.. Too old to act in Movies eh??

    May 14, 2008 at 6:50 AM

  2. superb.

    May 14, 2008 at 11:55 AM

  3. well mate.. i am sure u will be flooded with offers for registering such wunderful tamil film names :-)

    May 15, 2008 at 8:24 PM

  4. Hey, that one was a sure hit! kudos to you for the time spent in thinking on these lines and writing a post. Was just awesome!
    Keep writing

    May 16, 2008 at 12:37 PM

  5. he he he… u plan to quit IT or what

    May 24, 2008 at 8:33 AM

  6. vijay

    it was samma cool
    nice work

    May 31, 2008 at 4:35 PM

  7. Brain_Implosion

    Nice one.
    What about titles for Rajini and Kamal??
    Rajini – Singam title would be great
    Kamal – Andankaaka shanmugi, zooavadhaaram
    Ok..ok..mine sucked :) perhaps u can come up with much funnier ones

    July 16, 2008 at 4:48 AM

  8. arun natarajan

    excellent, I hurt my self laughing.

    October 17, 2008 at 4:39 PM

  9. Anonymous

    Kaka kaka is not the bird. It’s Kaaka kaaka i.e to seek or to save.

    December 15, 2008 at 2:04 PM

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