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Micky I and II

I still remember the day when my dad got him home in a small cloth bag with his head popping out and big black eyes rolling at me with a confused and where-am-i kind-of look. Micky was not the first dog at my house, but he was the most stable one. He was very affectionate and protective. I thought he would be with us for eternity. But he became old, ferocious and uncontrollable. We had to give him away, way back in 2004. After him, my parents were so dejected that they decided not to have any more dogs. But I was not able to live in a place with no pets. On my insistance, we got another doberman who looked like Micky’s clone. I decided to name him Micky again. But there stopped the resemblance.

Micky was a super dober. He was a bullet on legs and his growl could kill an army. Micky II was a super stupid dober. He had the looks of a dober and the heart of a poodle. He jumps around in joy whenever he sees any human. He is always happy to have a companion around and feels dejected in solitude. Whenever I come home, he greets me with utter enthusiasm and licks, scratches, bites and jumps over me. He always had a mind of his own. Totally disobedient and always on play mode. But we all loved him the same as we loved Micky I. They were two different dogs with 2 different hearts. Micky I was an hunter by instinct. He kills atleast 1 snake, 2 chameleons and 3 rats per month. But now, my parents are not able to take care of him. He is having a heavy adrenaline rush and he is desperate to find his partner from Venus. He runs aways from home often and my parents have to run behind him and struggle to coax him back. Sometime struggles last for hours. My dad got frustrated and decided to give him away. My fights, shouts, pleadings were rejected by my dad and Micky II made an exit last month.

I have no clue on where my dad gave him. But I pray that he is happy. I wish he forgets me and doesn’t miss me and my pamperings. Hope cupid hit him by now and he is enjoying his venus mates.

Seriously speaking, I feel a hollow space around my house. With the absence of Micky, the house is not lively anymore. Miss you baby!

p.s: please don’t scratch your new owner’s new cars, like u did mine.. grrrrrr!!!


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  1. Loga

    I faced the exact situation wen my pet(Caspo) was sent to a HOME an year ago. Even Wen we shifted to chennai, we got him with gr8 difficulty, But later it got little bit wild and my parents couldnt take care. I missed the cuddling welcome of my pet, wen i went home this time. It has left many fondful memories. I wish I had it for ever….

    July 28, 2008 at 7:50 AM

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