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The Singh Rules

Singh is Kinng… No mistake…it spells with two n’s. Numerology? I guess there is no need for numerology or luckology when you make a good entertainer. There was too much hype around the movie and lot of promos and events to market the movie. Usually such marketed movies fail at the market. So I didn’t want to watch it and waited for the “movie testers” gang’s review. So when these guys told me the movie was good, I wasted no time.

The story is not a great one. Its about a good hearted village sardarji Akshay (Happy Singh) who travels abroad to bring home a long lost son (Sonu Sood as Lucky Singh) of a fellow villager. That son happens to be a most wanted gangster (by Gyara Mulkon ka police walon…). Along with Rangeela Singh (Om Puri) he starts off to Australia but lands in Egypt to find the Mummy of his future kids Sonia (Katrina). One side love blooms at first sight but duty refrains him from making The Moves and he is headed to Australia.

At Australia, Lucky Singh, Mika Singh (Javeed Jaferi), Julia (Neha Dupia) and the rest of his Singh gangsters throw Happy Singh out of the house. Kiron Kher helps Happy and Rangeela with food and shelter. A series of events takes Lucky Singh into some sort of trauma and the gangsters make Happy Singh as their King. Sonia happens to be Kiron’s daughter and to impress her daughter (yes u heard me right!) Kiron approaches Happy the King.

The rest of the story is a Hera Pheri of how Akshay converts the bad guys to good and implants good sense in them, impresses Katrina, wins over Lucky Singh’s heart and takes him back to the village.

Akshay is totally awesome. He has once again proved that he can be a good actor who can mix comedy and emotions along with ease of dialogue delivery. Katrina is as usual the “Eye Candy factor” with no talent but pure luck. Hottie Neha Dupia is wasted in the Secretary role. She deserves a more vital role. Javeed Jaffery and Om Puri have been utilized well and they prove to be pivots in the story line whenever it starts to slag.

Music is good for the ears and choreography is good too. Don’t miss the final Title song featuring Snoop Dog. The costume designer deserves a round of applause. From turbans to the Sherwanis, every costume of Akshay’s and the gangsters fit the mood (Unlike the Ajit Starer Billa). A clean entertainer and a very light movie to watch. In total, this movie is full paisa vasool both for the producers and the viewers. Singh is Indeed the Kinng.

gRate – 3.5/5


3 responses

  1. Mate grate should translate to
    -Watchable in Theatre
    -Must Watch in Pirate CD

    August 13, 2008 at 6:40 AM

  2. Giridhar

    Very few Indian movies are “Must watch in Theatre” …
    newyas..point taken..

    August 13, 2008 at 7:45 AM

  3. Hmmm… looks like most of the reviews are the same. hey talking of movies, check out my next short movie thats been released. As usual, your review is much appreciated ;-)… Do spread the word around!

    August 14, 2008 at 1:30 PM

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