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Anniversary with N95 8Gig

Its been exactly one year since I laid hands on the N95 8gig. It was freshly launched then, and I was the among the few first buyers in the city. So what now? Is it time for a change? Let me think out loud.

The mobile has been an exceptional performer. Great camera, wonderful usability, mediocre battery and ruggedness are a few good points to mention. I found 8gb very hard to fill. I have not crossed 5 gb of storage. Thanks to Smartmovie for movie and Nokia Multimedia. Smartmovie converts a full length DivX movie (700mb) to less than 120mb with optimized quality for the N95 screen. Nokia Multimedia organizer coverts a 11-12mb mp3 to 2-3 mb m4a format with lossless conversion techniques. I still don’t think I have listened to all 1200+ tracks stored in it. The Wi-Fi has been very useful and this is one feature I will not compromise in my next mobile. I haven’t used GPS much, mainly due to poor infrastructure over here. GPRS? yes, i use it very often and its satisfactory. I couldn’t comment on the mobile’s 3G features because 3G is not yet launched in India.

Symbian OS has rendered my phone to be very slow. It has been slow with 0GB stored and also 5-6GB stored data. Data doesn’t matter, the phone is inherently slow. The mobile is a bit bulky on dimension and weight. That seriously upsets the aesthetics aspects of this performer. The build quality is very poor. The rubber coating at the back panel starts to wear off within 3-4 months of usage. The slide mechanism scratches the paint of the keypad. It’s very difficult to find face panel for N95 8Gig. But the phone is totally rugged. I have dropped it infinite times but the phone is still in good conditions. Lack of camera lens cover is one serious flaw. I could never find a replacement lens as well. The Nokia care center in Chennai is a total crap. They wanted the phone for 15-20 days plus almost 20% of the MRP just to change the face panel and camera lens. I swear, I will never enter that place again.

This phone is an engineering splendor but an architectural blunder.

So what next? Do I go in and get a new mobile? Or still stay with my favorite N95?

If I choose to stay, then it would be for its sheer power and performance plus the moolah i shed out of my wallet.

If its going, then what next? Definitely not an iPhone or N96. iPhone is not a very flexible phone for power users like me. N96 is both an engineering and architectural blunder. With its weak battery, poor construction, heavy pricing for the same features as N95 8gig, I would not even think of N96. N85 and N79 are my attention grabbers. Both have similar features. They have memory card slots expandable upto 8gb, touch sensitive navigation wheel, FM transmitter and almost all other features of N95 8gb but with a camera lens cover. N85 has OLED screen, which means a richer display but still N79 is a clear choice because it a hassle-free monolithic constructed mobile and gets rid of the slider snags. It weighs lesser(97g) than any Nokian in its class. Its panels are easily replaceable. But the final choice depends on the price factor and user reviews.

Nokia’s touch UI mobile 5800 expressMusic also thrills. It is subsidized in Europe and costs just 270 Euros at launch. But the Indian pricing could be different. Also detailed user review is awaited. If the rumors are right, Nokia is also about to launch Touch UI in their N series as well, and that could mean a long wait.

So I could either have my N95 8gig and wait for N Series with Touch UI, or I could go in and get a N79 and use it for about an year or so and then get a second generation Nokia.

P.S: I am a hardcore Nokian, so I will not choose the highly unstable Sony Ericsson product line or the ever failing Samsung mobiles, atleast until they prove themselves at the user market. But Android??? mmhm..


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