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Movies over the weekend


Ben Kingsley

Ben Kingsley

The Transsiberian is a movie about a journey. Roy and Jessie travel in the Transsiberian express to reach Moscow from Beijing. Jessie had a troubled background and Roy bails her out of it and they are so much in love. They are married, but Jessie is not yet ready to start a family. Roy is a locomotive fanatic and he is a simple man from a simple background. As they cross into the borders of Russia, they meet up with Aby and Carlos. Carlos senses the trouble in their marital life and makes is moves to woo Jessie. Roy misses the train in a station and the adventure starts. The rest of the movie is a downhill ride filled with drug trafficking, love, lust, faith, Russian Mafia, corrupt police officers, deception and twists. This movie is one hell of a ride that keeps the audience to the edge of their seats. Though the only big wig is Ben Kingsley, the entire cast and crew have done their best to make this thriller.

gRate: 3.5/5


Golmaal Returns

Anjana Sukhani

Anjana Sukhani

We must have come across movie reviews which advice the viewers to shut their brain and enjoy the movie. But I guess Rohit Shetty has watched many such movies and decided to shut his brain and make a movie… and the result: Golmaal Returns. The movie is about… well the movie is not about anything, its just a collection of slapstick comedies and on-liners to give the viewers a rib tickling 3 hours of humor club experience. To spice up the masala, the hot ingredients are Kareena, Amrita, Celina and the fresh Anjana Sukhani and ofcourse the main course Ajay Devgan along with sidekicks like Arshad warshi, Tusshar and Shreyas Talpade. The hotties have done their job and Ajay Devgan fills the stomach along with Arshad and Shreyas, but sidekick (allakai) Tusshar drastically needs to shed is useless-crank-boy kinda role. Else he will be a sidekick for ever. There are lot of hilarious instances in the movie, where they mock at OSO, Saawariah, Tashan and some recent flicks. Watchout for the cute tamil dialogue pronounciation by Celina and Shreyas. The one line story: Ajay’s adventures to manage is doubting wife Kareena and at the same time deal with his foe Arshad, aided by the sidekicks and rest of the hotties. Well, its a good laugh and the movie will stay on screens for a while and box-office is paisa vasool.

gRate: 2.5/5



Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson

“Back home they call it the Raghavan Instinct” – A famous one-liner from the movie Vettaiaadu Vilayadu by GV Menon. This is the theme for the movie Taken. I wouldn’t be surprised if this movie is dubbed in tamil and named as Vettaiaadu Vilayadu Season 2. The story is of a retired (VRS) secret service agent who avenges to sneak and destroy his daughter’s kidnappers and retrieve her. Liam Neeson is the spy and he has done an excellent job in this 2 hour thriller. The story is simple and straight forward, but the nail bitting 2 hours experience is the one to be lauded. Wonderful and realistic action, love, sentiment, guns, detectives and you name it, you’ve got it. “Taken” is not only worth a watch, but also don’t miss it kinda movie.(…pssst…the movie is gonna be in screens only by Feb 2009 ;-) )

gRate – 4/5


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