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How the web 2.0 catapulted Obama into the Whitehouse

Information is no more a personal property. Anyone can obtain any information and contribute to the information database. Barack Obama’s online campaign was leveraged at large by the information decentralization. The 2nd version of the web is not only about information but its also about contribution of information. Senator Obama’s Web Gurus knew that he has to shed his image as someone of high rank in unreachable position. The wanted to get rid of one-way-traffic stereo typed election campaigns. Their aim was to make Obama’s image an User-Friendly Next-Gen President of the USA.

Starting from providing information about himself and his campaign at, Obama’s campaign utilized every possible corners of the webspace. Barack Hussain Obama, converted himself into a brand. A brand that every American would love to endorse. He made a logo for himself. Its not a political symbol or some sort of election seal. Its the brand logo of Obama himself. This was his online identity which turned out to be a huge success and entered every home via the Internet. His followers could either use it as it is or customize it and use it as Avatars, Feed logos, favicons, Online Community Identity or even email signatures.

Facebook on its own is a great media to propagate Obama and his campaign ideologies. Mock elections, opinion polls, Campaign discussions and much were were added as facebook applications. All of them were a huge success. 24 years old Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes pitched in his expertise to build Obama’s own facebook, called Volunteers used this site organize over 150,000 campaign-related events over the entire course of the campaign. Obama’s was a major combat weapon to fight any rumours on Obama or his party. The website’s tag-line is “Powered by Truth”. Arun Chaudary, Obama’s youtube henchman were key to his online success as well. All his campaigns, initiatives and services were customized, edited and posted on Obama’s youtube channel almost instantly. Chaudary quotes that this sort of technology was available many years ago, but it was utilized only now. He also add to the statistics that online viewers are not just kids and teenagers, but it has a mammoth amount of people aged between 40-45 as well.

Obama campaigners reached each other via the iPhones as well. iPhone App Store stocked the free application called Obama ’08. Instant access to campaign information, photos, videos, poll results and much more was shared via this application. Other mobile users across the globe were also not left behind. Obama reached out to the twittizens as well. @BarackObama is the one to be followed on twitter to recieve twiupdates. Obama could barely ask for more of his online presence. He was omni-web-present: mySpace, Faceboook, youtube, flickr, Eventful, Flickr, LinkedIn, Eons, Faithbase, Glee and on much more web 2.0 engines.

Obama’s online initiatives have helped touched the hearts and minds of the nation on a very large and cost-effective scale. This victory would be scrutinized, studied, preserved and passed on as a success story of the Internet as the penultimate marketing tool. A classic example of empowering people and technology and a path that shows the route to success for business and marketers to come.


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  1. I watched a Google video (Authors@Google section) titled “Obama is your new bicycle”
    I think there exists a domain by the same name also. The author’s wife was particularly interested bicycles and during election time, her topics changed from bicycles to Obama. He setup the site which became instantly popular to lead him to write a book also.
    It was pretty good watching that video, especially the simple approach of that author (who did for fun but became popular).

    November 12, 2008 at 7:04 PM

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