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The Chain-Mail Massacre

Next to Phlishing mail, the most hated mail in anybody’s inbox would be the chain mail. We would have got mails from our contacts with some God’s name in it and asking to be forwarded. If forwarded to n number of people, we will get good luck or good news or even money. If not, we are doomed! I hate these mails, but hate it more when my contacts send it to me. Earlier, we used to get postcards and inland letters of this kind. I remember my grandmom screaming at the sight of such posts and she calls for those mails to be destroyed immediately. Then came chain mails, chain SMS and now it has taken a step further.

Chain Voice Mails. Yesteday, I got a text message asking me to check my voice mail. I dialed my voice mail and I could heard a devotional song. Then a voice told me to forward it to 10 people if I want to get a good news soon. Unfortunately, I left my call recorder off, else I could have shared the voice mail here. I couldn’t help symphatising people who believe in such crap and forward to others. Even the sanest of the sane people tend to fall for such schemes. I only pity them. They must be so desperate in life and want their voice to be heard by God at any cost. God doesn’t work based on chain forwards and hope people realize that.

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  1. yeah, those were the days!… those who start these ‘spam’ postcards have certainly gone hitech – you get spam in all possible formats these days – emails/sms/voice sms/mms/etc

    November 13, 2008 at 5:28 PM

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