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Ride with the demons

The roads are becoming increasingly dangerous. Not because of the poor infrastructure. Its because of the rising tolerance levels among the commuters and the regulators. The long of law is not long enough to teach the careless riders any lesson. The daily office goer is very busy and has no time to report careless driving. Road rage is on the rise and so is the tolerance level. Breaking the rules has become the way of life for many roadsters. No respect of lanes, signals, pedestrians or the common sense. Its not enough that the citizen journalists get-together to fight external terror or political incompetency to make the city a safe haven. Its time we did a clear check on the internal affairs. It time we first clean the shit on the back and then get equipped to sanitize external threats.

Click Image to Enlarge

Click Image to Enlarge

This truck was seen speeding on the Chennai roads at peak office hours. The rods sticking out of their vehicle was like something out of the movie “Death Race”. A sudden unexpected break would cost the life of the bike rider just behind him. The authorities have been busy tooth-picking or what?

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