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Tweeting via Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck is another application built on the Adobe AIR platform. Its a third party Twitter Client. But its unique from all similar application. It has pretty much shares most of the features of the web twitter platform and the other AIR clients. You can tweet, reply, direct message, search and find friends, favorite, follow/unfollow users. It differs in a way that the tweets are presented to the tweeter. As in the name, it decks you twitter. It segregates your tweets in different channels and decks them in individual panels.

The default decks are All Tweets, Replies and Direct messages. But you can add more panes like Groups, Searches, Tweetscoop, etc.
Tweetscoop reports are generated as tag clouds. It Tracks the hot topics discussed over the twitter stream and clouds the tags right on a deck in the Tweetdeck. You can add a set of your friends to a group and track all their tweets in a deck. I have grouped my Blog friends into a group and track them in a separate deck. I found this feature very useful. But if I close a group deck, I have to create the group once again right from the scratch. But that’s something I can live with.

The search deck is very useful feature. Especially if you are tracking some news or updates on an issue, you can enter that keyword in Tweetdeck and you get a permanent deck for the results. The results are streamed real time in the deck until you decide to close the deck. Currently I am tracking search for keywords N97, WP2.7 and Del08. I feel like sitting in a control room, watching event updates around the world right here in my monitor.

In total I have around 9 deck open right now. The width of the decks are not adjustable, so you feel the need for a  dual monitor when too many deck are open. The API refresh rate can be adjusted and distributed among your replies, tweets, direct messages and favorites.

You can shorten the URL by using any of 14 URL shortening services built into Tweetdeck. You can also attach TwitPic to your tweet without opening any webpage. For a poweruser twitter would be one indispensable application.


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