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I was excited about WordPress 2.7 from the day I heard about it. Got myself involved in testing nightly builds and user testing. But I didn’t update my prime blog with the release canditate until I heard from other users that it was stable. WordPress 2.7 was available to users a couple of weeks ago but not to the self-hosted wp users until about a few hours ago. The twitter SMS from wordpress made me jump to sky and I immediately got the final version of the WordPress 2.7 coltrane and instantly update my blog. Heard its been breaking a few old themes. But I have no such issues with any of my favorite themes.

Like @wp2.7

  • The dockable side menu is really cool. It could give a lot of space for the writing space.
  • Highly ajaxified fluid dashboard.
  • The dashboard can be chosen to have either 2 column or 1 column layout. I prefer 2 column layout.
  • The “Right now” box in the dashboard
  • Auto suggestive tags have been combined with “Choose from the most popular tags”
  • Auto blog and pluggins update is cool and I can help get rid of the FTP hassles.
  • Recent Drafts box is very useful.
  • Reply to comments from the dashboard is also a nice feature.
  • Bulk edit of blog posts is one option which I have had in my wishlist from the day I started blogging.
  • Love the Sticky post feature just like in forums.
  • The built-in help content can come handy.

Don’t Like @wp2.7

  • The tree view menu structure is a slick upgrade. But there is no way to find if a menu item has child items unless you click on it. There could have been a icon to indicate this.
  • Activating a theme without previewing is not available. This could have been very helpful for slow network connections.
  • “Quickpress” is cool, but not able to categorize the post from there. Again you have to go to the main edit page to put the post in a category.
  • Blog stats could have been improvised with additional features.
  • Find the overall performance a bit slower than the previous stable release.
  • The icons are a bit dull and so is the overall color palette. There could have been an option to customize the look and feel of the dashboard.

2 responses

  1. hey, i just installed WP2.7. It is cool and I like the ajaxified look but when you go into plugins directory, its a bit difficult to find the settings… but other than that I am loving it!

    December 12, 2008 at 8:37 AM

  2. I still prefer the old 2.6 interface…

    new one looks so cheap and untidy.

    azrin @

    December 14, 2008 at 11:36 PM

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