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Better than the best

When there are a plethora of choices, we always resort to make the safest decision. The safest decisions are always not the best ones. The mobile buyer always goes by the market and most of the time end up buying what the seller wants to sell. Apart from the regular brand of mobiles, there is lot more that the mobile industry has got to offer us. Its only the exposure and marketing that matters. I have always been skeptical about buying cheaper Chinese fake phones. But some of these fones have found its own market in India. They prove to be better value for money. If only these Chinese producers could setup up a strong network or resellers and service nodes, they will hit the right chord among the buyers.

There are some phones which are not available in the Indian market yet. But these products are unique and promise a good buy.

The Korean manufacturer’s WND series of duo phones are my object of fascination for a long time. These phones have dual panels, dual sim and dual keypads. Have a look at the video clip and you will know why I am infatuated towards this beauty.


Many have talked about iPhone killer. But nothing can be as deadly as the Chinese Meizu’s M8. The specifications, build quality, elegance and price beat iPhone hands down. Just that its availability in the market matters.


The neonode N2 is a no-nonsense mobile gadget. Its stylish, sleek, slim, small and sexy. Runs on windows CE and has no extra thrilling features. But its looks and simplicity make it a clear winner. Unfortunately, this swedish company has run into financial troubles. I would be the first buyer, if this its available in the Indian free market.


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