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Non-destructive vandalism

Its a common sight to see in public places how people try to vandalize public property. Restroom doors and walls, train compartments, bus seats, subway walls, etc are prone to such attack. I actually don’t understand why people go about writing their names with telephone numbers or just their girl friend’s names around. Even if there is some public message, I can understand to an extent. Graffiti is different and ill drift off-track if I discuss that. I remember seeing people write gossips in school or college private areas. But there the person whom the message is intended happens to be around and he or she may get the point. But on public area, no one is going to care on whats scribbled on the walls. Still why do people resort to such vandalism acts?

Recently I was travelling in one of the so-called deluxe buses in Chennai. The standards of the buses have gone up, the conductor has upgraded to ticket vending machine, the door closes automatically, and our people’s vandalism has also taken a new dimension. I prefer to call it non-destructive vandalism. They don’t write directly on the seats or the walls. Instead they write in a piece of paper and wedge it between the seat and the glass lamination behind it.


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