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Plastic waste

The increase in plastic waste is directly proportional to the increase in plastic usage. Plastic has become a cheap substitute to almost everything on the market. Banana leaves in hotels, tumblers, spoons, packing materials and much more has been replaced by its plastic alternatives. People prefer it as it is cost effective. Use and throw plasticdsc00733 cutlery, reduces the cost of maintenance and is also hygienic. But its effect on the environment is not considered by many. Recently I was in the Reliance Fresh supermarket. I carry my own bag to these shops and I don’t take plastic bags from them. But the guard was reluctant to let my bag in for some stupid security reasons. I had to raise my voice to take my bag inside. Big chain of supermarkets like the Reliance, Spencers, Nilgris must promote customers bringing their own bags. Maybe they can reward them a few more points in the loyalty cards, or something like that. As responsible corporates, big houses must set an example to its employees and customers. This can make a lot of change.

If you are having any function or party at your place, don’t forget to go green. Avoid/reduce plastic usage. We can stop getting bottled waters and order a big mineral water can and serve in small re-usable/re-cyclable cups. That will do good both for the budget and the environment.


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  1. ecotrendbags

    The Earth has been facing immense pollution from our garbage and consumption. The latest deadly pollution is plastic bags that fill up the landfills. With plastic bags becoming a growing concern, cotton canvas bag has become the new way to help stop the pollution. With plastic bag pollution being a rising concern, many shoppers need to start using reusable cotton canvas bags in order to stop the pollution. Plastic bag pollution is very deadly and takes hundreds of years to break down. Even if the component is broken done, the deadly chemicals will go into the ground and water system. By reducing the usage of plastic bag, Earth can recuperate. That's why cotton bags should be used world wide to help reduce the pollution.It is our generation to stop the pollution and start using cotton canvas bags as the solution. With global warming going out of hand from gas exhaustion, we don't need any more problems especially plastic bags that are harmful when broken down naturally. These broken down elements cause sickness and destruction to the air, soil and water system.Use cotton canvas bags starting today as a way to stop the plastic pollution that is becoming a major threat to the environment. Our lives are threatened ever more from the growing usage of plastic bags. It is time you bring a canvas bag to shopping the next time you go to a supermarket.Please learn more at

    September 8, 2009 at 1:33 AM

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