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My jingalala experience

Wounded by the cable TV operators and sick of their incompetent services, I was among the first few who opted for Direct-to-Home television experience from Tata Sky in Chennai. After a while, other DTH players started trickling into the market and there will be more pouring in soon. Everyone has their own USPs, advantages and disadvantages. Let me speak about Tata sky.

Tata Sky’s quality of service (QoS) is impeccable. Crystal clear video and high fidelity audio has been Tata Sky’s USP from day one. Their customer service is improving to meet high CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index). But, basically this service is headed by some intelligent crooks. To meet the increasing market competition, they cut rates of packages. But the rate cut is very misleading and highly manipulated. They remove some prime channels from the package we opt and add them to some “add-on” packages. Finally, the rate we pay to Tata Sky per month remains the same. It is not a transparent hassle free service. One has to be very choosy and ready to make few compromises in the package we choose or else Tata Sky will always be happy to play extortionist.


  • High quality audio and video transmission.
  • User friendly menu and navigation interface
  • Easy payment options
  • Excellent customer service
  • Actve channels (Especially the Actve Sports)


  • Volatile channel package
  • Manipulative marketing
  • Costly relocation charges
  • Cheap looking STB and remote
  • Slow response during channel surfing

If you can compromise on QoS and Customer service, Sun Direct is the best economical DTH service. If you are a TV buff and watch TV 24 hours a day, then Airtel DTH is good. Dish TV is cheaper alternative that can give you good QoS but pathetic customer service. Big TV is not as economical as Sun Direct. They are good, but you will have to wait until they cover many prime channels. If you watch selective channels, own an expensive TV and want perfect quality of reception, then choose Tata Sky. If you really don’t care about the TV at home and watch it rarely, just stick to your cable TV operator.

update: February 23, 2009

One evening while watching a good program, the TV went blank suddenly and the set-top box was unable to recieve signals. I checked for loose connections and some basic troubleshooting, but nothing would make the set-top box recieve signals. I called up the customer care and the executive asked me to go through a series of troubleshooting steps. But nothing would work. Finally she told she would send an engineer to my house. For a moment, I was happy. Then came the surprise. She told me that I was not within the warranty period. So the engineer’s visit would cost me. I was shocked and asked her to repeat. She clearly told me, that the i have to pay extra for the engineer to visit my place and fix the problem, as my warranty period has expired.

I was not pleased and lost my cool. I explained her, warranty is for the performance of the product and the quality of service provided by the service provider. It has nothing to do with the engineer’s visit. The situation would have been different, if she had told me that I have to pay for the engineer’s vist and later if the engineer finds the equipment defective, I have to pay for repair or replacement, as I am not in the warranty or AMC period.

I felt that Tata Sky is trying to swindle its own customers and cheat the money out of them. Either Tata Sky policy must be wrong or it must have been wrongly intrepreted by that particular customer executive. But ultimately, its bad credibility for Tata Sky.

Later on, in the morning, I discovered that someone has altered the direction of the dish in the terrace. A little alteration in the orientation brought back the signal to the STB.

3 responses

  1. sir… is u r data a continuation from my post.. i want more data sir…

    January 20, 2009 at 11:18 PM

    • Giridhar

      what more info needed?

      January 21, 2009 at 6:06 AM

  2. Umayal

    Even I feel Tata sky is swindling money. Ans now they saw if you subscribe for 10 months you get 2 months free viewing. I was real upset wen they took off sports channels off the regular basket. Now to watch all sports channel you have to pay 70 bucks. Consumer is king???????

    February 26, 2009 at 4:42 PM

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