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Choosing to be on the Xpress lane

With the amount of new models, injected into the market, it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to keep track of mobiles, models, features, pros and cons. A few years back, when some friend calls me to suggest him a mobile, I would tell them a detailed review of all the mobiles fitting their budget. But now the choice has grown too large, that I drive them to some sites like GSMarena or IndiaGSM. The plethora of choices are making the lives of consumers tough. My way of choosing a mobile is not a straight forward approach. I research on the models, shortlist, scan forums, get user reviews, study market, never ask the sales guy, compare with a few models, make financial arrangements and then swipe the card.

I wanted a backup mobile. I always have a backup mobile, just in-case something goes wrong with my primary mobile. I wanted a ultra slim one. I must not be a symbian and must be reasonably priced. In the absence of my primary mobile, I must not miss the music and camera capabilities. Battery backup must be decent. Usually having a Sony Ericsson as a backup is not suggested when the primary is a Nokia and vice verse. Because the keys are located in anti-locations. That could cause some confusion. I hate Motorola makes and have had some bad experiences with Samsung. So naturally, the choice had narrowed down to Nokia.

In my budget, I had suggested Nokia 5310 to my friend and to my cousin. Both these guys are now happy Nokians and that made me feel safer to go for Nokia 5310. I didn’t have the time and patience to research on other similar models. I just went into a shop and pretended that I knew nothing about mobiles and had fun for a few minutes. By now, my brother lost patience and he was confused as to why I am asking naive questions. Then he just barged in the conversation and asked for Nokia 5310xm. After price negotiation, I billed it and came out of the shop. Now the confusion must have shifted to the sales guy!

Nokia 5310 is a slim, sturdy and reliable mobile. Trusted and used by many Nokians around the world, this model has become a hit. The 2Mp camera sans flash, is not a great one, but it serves the purpose. The mono speaker is aweful. But the 3.5mm headphone jack and the quality of music reproduced on earphones is awesome. One touch music capability is a tactical hit. Typing in numbers in text message and other field is a pain for regular Nokians. The time taken for a letter to turn number, when the key is pressed, is slightly longer. This is pain for speed texters. Battery is decent and it stays charged for atleast one day under normal usage conditions. Browser is pathetic and user interface has received no great changes since the first s40 device was introduced. A few minor improvements in user experience designs and ergonomics would have been good. The keys are soft and easy to use.

I like it and its good as a secondary mobile for me.


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