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the black sheep's message

“Ba Ba Black Sheep.. Have u any message..

Ye Dude.. stick it right before ur visage..

One for the stray Dog…

One for the foolish bloak…

and one for the general Weenie

Who often looses the stop valve…”


The message to Dogs:

Please don’t feel offended. Its not to you the message is directed. You can’t read and still you can still be trained with good potty habits. The message is intended to the homosapiens who can read and still can be very bad when it comes to public toileting habits. 


Message to the Foolish Bloak:

I asked you not to do it. I call you a fool when you do it again. But still when you can’t hold it till you reach a private littering area, I have no option rather than to call you a Dog. If you read between the lines of my message, it would be actually an uncouth dog falling anachronically into the 21st century straight from the pre-victorian age, when no toilet was invented.

And to all the weenies who can’t hold it a little longer:

Show little dignity and prove you that you belong to the age of penultimate civilization.

English Translation of the punchlines: Don’t empty your tanks here fools! (1st Picture). Dogs! Its not your toilet (2nd Picture)

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