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Seagate Freeagent

My first desktop PC had an hard disk capacity of 4GB. Later on when I upgraded to 8GB, I had to pay close to 9k. Thats approximately Rs 1100 per GB. This was in 2000. Eight years later, I got an 8 GB USB pen drive for Rs 1000. Thats approximately Rs 100 per GB.

Today I got one TeraByte of Hard disk capacity for Rs 5750. That will be approximately Rs 5.6 per GB. All I can do is, just laugh at myself. Ok let me talk about this monster hard disk.

Its a Seagate Freeagent Desk 1TB external Hard disk. It connects with PC or Laptop by USB cable and powered by external power supply. The SATA hard disk (7200rpm) inside the housing is capable of transfer speeds upto 480Mbps. But in real time, I get a transfer speed of 11-15mbps. Transfer speed also depends on the source system speed. So I don’t complain and still happy with 11 mbps when I transfer from laptop HD. When I transfer from DVD to Freeagent, I get a speed of 2-5mbps, which is still within the acceptable levels.

The external housing is aesthetically designed as seen in the images attached. I particularly liked the breathing effect in the LED when the disk is being read or written. The slots behind the HD are quite straight forward. One for USB port and another for the power adapter. Nothing complicated and thats what makes such minimalistic design a success.

Though there are Freeagent disks available (xTreme) with firewire ports and eSata ports, they dont fit in my requirement and budget. The package contains the disk drive, Quick start guide, Base stand, attachable feet, USB cable and power supply. The power supply adapter comes with 4 types of plugs to suit international power sockets. This sleek silver color paneled disk weighs exactly 1 kg and its not really bulky. The software that comes bundled with the disk is good for auto-backup and synchronizing selected folders. The encryption feature is neither effective nor usable. Seagate also provides a generous 5 years warranty for the product. This is a plug and play device. I plugged it onto my Windows Vista machine and it was operational withing seconds. No need to install any drivers.

Other brands which supply a similar product are Maxtor and Western Digital. Maxtor has Seagate hard disk in it and its priced at Rs 5250 plus taxes. Western Digital 1TB would cost around Rs 6000 plus taxes. There are also external storage products from small market players like Buffalo, Moser Baer, etc… You could also assemble your own external storage. But I wanted a reliable product and hence I choose Seagate and am happy with it so far.

Check out the Pictures and Unboxing Video:

Unboxing Seagate Freeagent Desk 1TB:


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  1. hey welcome to Seagate club dude!… i also have 500GB Seagate, one of the best external drives so far

    February 25, 2009 at 7:16 PM

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