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The country Kabadi team Rocks!


Its not often that you come across a movie without dark villains, unrelated song sequences, death defying stunts, skimpily clad item girls, or punch dialogues. If they make such movie, the story may fail to connect with the audience most of the time and it fails. But Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu is an exception. It lacks all the usual masala ingredients and yet it connects with the movie watcher.

Its an sports underdog story. The movie is in the line with Lagaan or Chak de!. When I reviewed Chak De, I felt that more such movies can be made with sports as theme. I specifically wished for movies made out of Kabadi and like sports. But never expected that my wish would come true with lots of extra dimensions added to it. The movie talks about a team of village youngsters of various background, caste and status, united by the game of Kabadi. Kabadi is like a chess games which demands a lot of stamina and adrenaline rush. I don’t remember stepping onto the Kabadi court after school. But I enjoyed this movie as much as I enjoyed playing Kabadi at School.

The youngsters in the movie are similar to fully loaded surface to air nuclear missiles, but without guidance firmware. They have never won a match away from their home grounds. In home grounds as well, they invite weaker teams to get the satisfaction of winning. The trend of loosing was persistent in their sporting career, until they meet this magical coach. The coach takes them under his wings and teaches them the art of team work and ways to bring out the fire within them. But this is all any regular sports-underdog-winning-the-final-match kind of movie. But what makes this particular flick stand above the rest of its genre?


Technically the movie is a clean winner. Be it the screenplay, editing, camera or lighting, the movie come out as a neat finished product. The story is minimalistic, crisp and can connect to any age group. The love story weaved into the storyline is totally awesome. The grit and determination displayed by the coach can be lauded as sheer performance. Humour is not a separate track. It merges with the story line like a smooth gradient. But its not a laughter riot all the way, as well.  So, right proportions of love, emotions, sentiments, comedy, action and realistic story adaptation makes this movie stand out.

All was well, until the final 10 minutes of the movie. I really don’t understand the need for such an anti-climax. Shock and disappointment spoiled the entire 3 hours of movie watching experience for me, towards the end.

The cast is most of the crew are debutantes. Everyone has given their best for this movie.

gRate: 3.5/5

gAdvice: Don’t miss it, but walk out of the theatre just when they win the finals.


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