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The Integrated world of Music around me

This is how I exactly want the gadgets around me to communicate and feed me the music. Most of the music data files are stored in my home computer system.  Right now, I transfer the music to my Mobile, iPod or USB stick by connecting them to the home system, only when I am physically at home. I might want to download a new music track from the music store while on the go. Sometimes I want to listen to a classic track, which is not on the internet, but I have it archived in the Mega capacity external harddrive plugged to my home system. The scenarios are numerous, but in common, I want to sync all my music devices with one another and would like to exchange music between them. Streaming music is not a very economical option. So he is what I want to have.


Assuming that all the devices have bluetooth capability, wifi and hi-speed Internet access. To start with, I load a few songs to my mobile from the home system. I start listening to them. Then I move on to the car. I pull out my earphones and connect my mobile to the car audio system, via bluetooth and continue with the track. Sometimes, I may carry my laptop as well.  The car audio can connect to the laptop, which I have mod’d to act as wi-fi router as well, so that I can stream music from any Internet Radio station. I reach work and the office PC instantly detects my mobile or portable audio system. I may not preffer to listen to music via my office PC. But I would like to see the track details and control the mobile music player from my Office PC. I connect my office PC to Home PC and fetch a few track and update my mobile or the iPod, without having to store anything in the office PC.

Imagination is endless… but… why not?

One response

  1. cgiridhar

    Guess I must have patented my Idea!!!

    “Aino also introduces Media Home, an application that pulls media content from Media Go™ on your PC over Wi-Fi™ to your phone automatically. Users just insert their Aino into its charging stand and it automatically synchronizes with all the latest media content on their PC. You are always ready to go with the latest content on your phone.”

    May 29, 2009 at 11:27 AM

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