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Generic Blunder

India has won the world cup!”

Brazil has lost to France in the finals!

List of Sexiest men alive!

World’s most beautiful woman!

SixWe see such headlines all around us everyday. Be it the newspaper or an online portal or an advertising banner, its omnipresent. But I have always been sceptical about the wording used in such headlines and news. Did the entire country and the people of Brazil fight with France and lost in the finals of some sports? Did you do a door to door survey of all the women in the planet to judge their beauty? I don’t think so. A team of selected players representing the country in a specific international event could have won or lost. It doesn’t mean that the entire nation has won or lost, literally. I would prefer the headlines to be revised. Its better to have then re-worded to something like “The Indian Cricket Team has won the world cup!” or “The Brazilian footballers lost to the French in the Finals”. Maybe if its a war or political  issue between two countries, such headlines will fit in.

Angelina JolieWhen some survey is conducted to judge beauty or talent, specific demographic title must be taken into account, IMO. Especially when you rank any such non-measurable / intangible criteria. The world’s  most beautiful woman is not always the world most! Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Probably if you say, “The world’s most beautiful Hollywood actress”, then I can accept Angelina Jolie as the list topper. For sure the world is not entirely populated with actresses and definitely the entire list of women on earth have not been counted in for the race. Poets and writers are the only ones who are acceptable when they make such statements and definitely not some statisticians, market analyst or research analyst.

When mistakes are repeated over and over, it doesn’t convert to they right way of doing things. Its just the right way of doing the mistake again. I just don’t feel it exactly justifies or represents the feelings and sentiments of the entire world or a nation. Its sort of communal and separative in its own way and such relative news/analysis must not be made to apear generic.

Anyway, this is all in my opinion. I am neither offended nor bothered by such lines, just that I don’t feel it conveys the correct message. There may be some logical reasoning behind such wordings, which I am not aware of.  If any, do let me know.

Yoda´s PlaylistSome really Dumb reasons I could think of:

“The newsmaker is in love with the actress” / “Lack of space for lengthy headlines” / “Marketing technique or Branding cunningness” / “Catchy headlines to sell the news” / “… its a trend and people love it” / “just want to sell B.S. to the mass…”

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