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Movies over the Weekend

I was glad to be at home on a weekend after a long time. Thanks to the Common flu, I bunked work. This was my chance to catch up with some movies. So here comes the “Movies over the weekend” blog post after a gap.


ayanSurya’s acting has become quite predictable and monotonous again. I think he performs only under pressure of A Class directors. But nothing to complain as the story itself wasn’t so great. Tamanna was a fresh face to watch, but she has a long way to go in the acting department. The plot revolves around an educated youngster who is involved in smuggling anything, (except drugs) into India. The movie was quite fast paced in the first half. The comedy part, embedded into the storyline makes it an easy watch. But as the plot thickens, the movie becomes “yet-another-hero-villain” story. The acrobatic man-hunt, car chases and stunts are new to Tamil movies but inspired from hi-octane Hollywood flicks.

gRate: 2.5/5

12 Rounds

12roundsJohn Cena, the Wrestling super star tries to win a battle outside the ring. John Cena is a police officer who assists the capture of an high profile thief. In the process, the thief’s girl friend is killed. One year later, he breaks loose out of the prison and kidnaps John’s girl friend. He gives John 12 tasks to be completed. If he completes the tasks, the thief promises to return back his girl. Little does John realizes that all these tasks are linked to a high profile robbery, that has been planned earlier and executed under his nose. Its a fast action, movie from the director of Die Hard 4.0 and producers of Speed. Mindless stunts, adrenaline pumped action and intelligent plot makes this movie a good watch for action lovers. But the plot is highly predictable and its a typical Hollywood B Grade stunt movie. Anyways, who cares as long as we are not bored. Paisa Vasool :)

gRate: 3/5

The Accidental Husband

accidentalhusbandRadio Show host Emma Lloyds (Uma Thurman) ruins a local fireman Patrik Sullivan’s (Jeffery Morgan) wedding by talking his girl friend out of marriage as a part of her show. Patrik is set to get his revenge but in the process (like in any other movie) he falls in love with her. Uma Thurman has portrayed excellent performance and that, only experience can bring in, at the same time, her age shows in most of the part. Jeffery Dean Morgan and Colin Firth have done an excellent job. Just that I find no difference between the Colin firth in this movie and Bridget Jones Movies. Nothing new in this movie either. I was pleasantly surprised to find some popular AR Rahman tunes as the title song and also in the background.

gRate: 2/5

The International

internationalThis is one movie that I was eagerly expecting to watch after I saw its trailer in a theatre. But the movie turned out to be something different from its trailer. I was expecting something like “Shoot ’em up” after I saw Clive Owen in the trailer. This movie is about money laundering and a bank involved in high profile deals with Nukes and war arms. The flick is good to watch in big screens just for its exotic European locations.  Otherwise there is nothing new or exciting,  including Naomi Watts, about this movie.

gRate: 2.5/5

The Defiance

defianceWanted to see this movie just for Daniel Craig. Its set in the Nazi period when the Jews were hunted down. Daniel Craig and his 2 brothers set out to the forests to save themselves from the Nazis. They find a group of Jews hiding in the forest. Daniel Craig offers them food and shelter and soon the group (The Otriad Camp) grows in size. Fighting against all odds, this is a true story of a leader who saves thousands of his people from being slaughtered by the Nazis. Impressive photography and picturization has done good to this movie but nothing can save the growing boredom for the audience as its a movie which falls between the genre of a documentary and a feature film.

gRate: 2.5/5

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  1. Some of the movies listed here are quite good. I haven't watched 12 Rounds yet but would like to wtahc it as it features John Cena in main cast.

    November 1, 2009 at 5:03 PM

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