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The new posession

My tiresome struggle with my Dell XPS M1210 laptop was going no where. So I decided to retire it from service and go for a Desktop. I wanted a high end + economical gaming PC. So after much discussions with friends at twitter and many forums, I decided on the specifications and got the PC assembled. I am quite happy with it and I have installed Windows 7 RC in it. Here are the details of the configured PC:

AMD Phenom 2 720 x3 Black Edition
Gigabyte MA78G Motherboard
Western Digital HDD 500 Green
Corsair vx450 PSU
Logitech Mouse and Keyboard
Samsung 2033 20″ wide screen LCD Monitor
Corsair 2×2 gb RAM
Cooler Master 335 Cabinet

Everytime I buy a computer, I think of my first PC and I am not sure why I do it. It was quite precious to me and I had it with me for a long time. Then after I started working, I was buying a computer every year or two. Check out the roadmap. :-)



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