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Movies over the Weekend

Terminator Salvation

t4The war against machines is back on the screen. Anybody who isn’t in sync with the previous threequels will be left clueless. You will have to understand good and bad terminators, know who Kyle Reese is, understand judgement day and get used to the fact that Arnie is no more into acting. So in this movie, finally Judgement day has happened and the machines are out to wipe out the few remaining traces of the human race. John Connor is a leader of the Resistance  and the machines need to terminate him as he is a threat to the skynet. Cyberdyne experiments with a human body and creates an unique and powerful terminator, Marcus, and hurls him into the future where John Connor is fighting the Skynet. Marcus has a powerful and good heart. So he decides to switch sides and help John Connor. Christian Bale doesn’t fit into John Connor’s frame and most part of the movie he grunts and complains. Sam Worthington was aptly cast  as the good terminator. Arnold is totally missed out and when John Connor grunts “Ill be back”, I  wish that it never comes true. But the movie is a mindless action entertainer and is a good watch.The movie ends with all signs that there is more to come in this franchise.

gRate: 2.5/5


pasanga4Its been since Mani Rathnam’s “Anjali” that the tamil cinema has come out with some thought provoking and good movie revolving around kids. I never expected Pasanga to be a such a good flick. Its about 2 kids, their school, their parents and all the fun and frolic they have. Jeeva is a spoilt brat and he is a gangster in his school. Anbu is a new kid on the block. He moves into Jeeva’s neighborhood and school. Anbu is a brilliant student who lives his dreams and loves his family. When these two opposite poles repel each other, there is a huge impact in the lives of their parents and friends. Director Pandiraj deserves all credits for such a brilliantly directly movie. A few scenes in the movie connects with me, my friends, my school and my family. My mom realized that after watching the trailer and all praises to her memory. This movie deserves a round of standing ovation.

gRate: 4.5/5

Land of the Lost

landoflostWhen you get to watch Will Ferrell’s movie, you must prepared for nonsense. But I saw the movie in the Top 10 charts and thought, this time Will Ferrell might have come out with something good. I couldn’t go wrong any further. This is a total crap movie and it’s bound to win the Razzi awards hands down. Will Ferrell, invents a time travel device and lands up in a parallel dimension filled with Dinosaurs, Lizzard men, Monkey men and what not… Time and energy wasted watching this movie.

gRate: 1/5


thoranaiA bunch of movie makers got together, rented a hotel room, ordered some booze and purchased 20+ pirated tamil movie DVDs and spent the night watching all of it in random order. Tadaaaaa… Thorani was born. This is a total mashup of all the semi-hits that came out in the past 10 years of Tamil cinema. In Madurai, Vishal’s mother Geetha is a saddened soul cribbing about her lost fisrt son. So Vishal is set to find him in Chennai. Vishal falls for Shreya at first sight and then there is a very weak comedy track with Santhanam as well. He meddles up with 2 ruffians in Chennai and one of them turns out to be his brother… enough said… the remainder of the story can be easily predicted. Shreya tries too had to look sexy and Vishal exceeds her efforts to look macho. Don’t make the same mistake I did by watching this movie.

gRate: 1.5/5

The Hangover

hangFour buddies decide to spend a night at the Vegas for a bachelor party to commemorate the wedding of one of them. They spend a wild night doing wild things and end up forgetting the entire night. They wake up the next day to find themselves in total mess. Their buddy whose marriage in on the following day has gone missing. So its left to the 3 buddies to trace their memories and activities of the previous night to find their lost friend and take him to his wedding. The plot is a downhill slide with string of totally crazy events that no one could even dare to imagine. It was an enjoyable stretch of 2 hours. Don’t miss this one and don’t watch with your family or kids. They might start getting ideas on what you may be upto on your next boys-only-roadtrip.

gRate: 3.5/5


ThiruvannamalaiTotal bullshit. I was a fan of Arjun until I watched this movie and I must thank the person who invited the “Forward” button. The entire movie was covered in record 15 minutes.

gRate: 0/5



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