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The euphonic avatar

The music lover genre is so common that its rare to spot anyone who hates music. I have always been fascinated by musical instruments and the entire technology behind musical reproduction. Like many kids, I used to wonder if there were actual musical minions sitting inside the radio or the tape-recorder. I failed to develop the part of brain that comprehends music and produces euphony. The only part of the grey matter that was nutritiously overgrown was the part that appreciates harmony.

The_music_nature_by_EthernityRecently I accompanied a friend to her violin class, along with 2 other mates. We spent about an hour watching the tutor play the instrument and my friend trying to follow him. It was such an wonderful experience, but that resulted in a sudden abyss in me. All of a sudden I felt like a musically challenged person. I cursed myself for not learning to use any musical instrument. I blamed everyone.  I blamed the entire Indian Educational system. I blamed the weather, the traffic, globalization and almost everything that came to my mind.

I told myself, “If not now, its going to be never”. So I decided to learn to play Guitar. Why guitar? I am not sure of that. I am much more fascinated by the Grand Piano, Veena, Saxaphone and the flute. But the decision to learn guitar was totally baseless. Maybe I wanted to start off immediately, aided by the largely available offline and online help to learn guitar.

Got myself a Pluto Acoustic guitar, downloaded a DVD tutorial and have started to play “Ode to Joy“. The euphonic avatar inside me has been awakened and let loose…


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  1. I can totally understand why you want to learn the guitar. It’s a portable instrument, and you can play any song without much ado. It’s much easier to be good at the guitar than with the piano. I should know :-)

    July 10, 2009 at 7:59 AM

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