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Transformers 2.0 – A quick review


Movie:  Transformer 2 / Transformer – Revenge of the Fallen

Language:  English

Cast:  Shia Labeaouf, Megan Fox and lots of Toys

Director: Michael Bay


Some movies are made for the sole purpose of mindless entertainment and Transformers 2 is a good example. I see no reason why you must not spend on that multiplex theatre ticket to get entertained by the Transformer for the second time. Its a movie with spectacular visual effects, stunning graphics and awesome stunt sequences.

The Plot is that after their defeat the Decepticons fall back and recuperate for their second strike. The shred from the destroyed cube is with Sam (Shia Labeaouf) and by accident the codes and co-ordinates in it get uploaded to his brain. The decepticons and the autobots realise this and the decepticons are after the boy. The autobots are bound to save him. So whats the big deal about the information from the shred of cube? and thats the entire weak storyline of this movie.


Megan Fox is the Prime Promotion for the Movie?

I liked…

  • The trio fight to death sequence where Optimus prime fights with Megatron and other decepticons. Totally awesome stunt sequence with fine attention to detail
  • Megan Fox is double sexy. He features were digitally enhanced and the camera angles gave extra focus to her body and her skimpy clothing. Without her, the movie would have easily bombed at the box office
  • Transformers can now teleport. Now how awesome is that
  • Decepticons can now transform to human beings… now that a bit off-concept. But still, given the right sexual appeal, I don’t complain. After-all sexy robots are the in-thing right?
  • There are more Transformers in this movie and that means more action, more mayhem and more explosions.
  • The transformers can combine, transfer powers and also project holograms
  • A decepticon has actually switched sides to be with Autobots… LOL
  • Optimus Prime character is more convincing and more powerful
  • Megatron lives at the end, the Decepticons fall back and that means that there is more of the franchise to come

A Human Decepticon?

I hated…

  • Sam’s super nagging drama queen mom. Hated her as much as I hated her ever-horny dog
  • The twin autobots Skids and Mudflap. They were so irritating to watch and to add to the irritation, they hang around in the movie for a long time
  • Bumble Bee and other warriors in the Autobot clan have relatively less action-screen time
  • Bumble Bee was supposed to be a Autobot Lieutnant, but he is more of Sam’s pet dog in this movie
  • Sam’s clown room mate was so annoying. I couldn’t tolerate his tone and bitchy characterization
  • If US had powerful weapon, like the one that killed a huge decepticon with hanging testicles on a single stike, why didn’t they deploy it in the first place and get rid of all decepticons?
  • How can an ancient Autobot transform as a modern day jet liner blackbird?
  • Bad taste humor thrown here and there in the movie taints the story
  • Lot of illogical and disconnected sequences

I would say Michael Bay overdid this movie. Maybe he was under pressure to excel himself from the first part of Transformers. The extra adrenalin induced into this movie made it look totally unnecessary. But again as I said, this is a movie for those who are looking for mindless entertainment.

gAdvice: Watch it once in theaters and watch the action sequence highlights on youtube HD.

gRate: 2.5/5

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