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10 years of web design

The year 1999 was when I was first introduced to the world’s wide web. I started making my own HTML pages with static text and some images. was my favorite search engine then. Slowly I started using readymade Javascript available on varios sites like or Then I launched my very fist personal homepage in I can still remember how I felt when I launched my first website. I called everyone at home and showed them new website.

Those were the ages of static website. Introducing a server driver minute tool was considered cool. Site counter or guestbooks would draw in a lot of “wow” from my friends. I show off a marquee or a roll-over text effect and take great pride in DHTML driven text effects. Microsoft Frontpage was my primary tool and I explored many other tools as well. I was armed with a dial-up connection and a P3 desktop.

Then came Photoshop to my desktop. If I remember correctly, its Photoshop version 5. That made a huge difference to the images I had in my websites. I joined hands with a few friends who were interested and launced a few portals. We also got a domain name for ourselves and called our first portal “”.

I dunno why we coined that name. But it was my dream to craft my career out of my passion. Most of what I learned for web designing was out of self-interest and self-study. I also pursued my masters degree on the same line to further hone my skills. So here I am still hanging on to parts of my passion without any hard deviations.

I am writing this nostalgic blog while I am downloading all my contents from They are about to close down the service.

I have transfered one of my  site which I had in geocities into my personal server. It was created for my college culturals yufonec. 10 years and counting and the passion is ever growing…

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