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Vinayakar Chathurthi 2009 at home

Ganesh kloserJust like every year, Vinayakar Chathurthi was celebrated with prayers and decorations at our home. I remember days when I used to make Vinayakar idols out of play dough. I like this festival more than any other Hindu celebrations at home. As a ritual, I accompany my dad to the market on the day to get Ganesha idol, fruits, flowers and other pooja items. I love to watch my dad shop because he is good at haggling. We come back home and perform abhiseka for the Ganesha idol and decorate it. Mom would have made all the Kolukkatais (Mothaks) by then and the prayers would start. Dad is an ardent Vaishnavaite and he insists on wearing the Namam (Symbol of Vaishnavism) on the Ganesha idols and he calls him “Thumbikkai Alwar” rather than pillayar. Every year there would be silly but enjoyable arguments about that as Mom is a Shaivaite. But for me Hari and Sivan are one and all. The entire day’s meals would have Kolukkatais and I love it. Here are some photos from this year’s celebration.


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