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15 rules of Hygene from my grandma

Habanero splashMy grand mother is a lady with high degree of cleanliness. Her hygiene quotient would be the highest in the world afaik. After the recent outbreak of swine flu, there has been many mails and messages pouring in with advice and life style modification prescriptions. A lot of my friends like Alfie have started adopting cleanliness measures to prevent themselves from swine flu. My grandmother brought us all up with a set of rules which are meant to keep us clean and healthy. They are very difficult rules to be followed practically everyday. But she keeps on insisting them. I use to scold her that she is nagging me. Be she never gave up. Until her last breath she preached and followed cleanliness. I have recollected some of the rules here.

  1. Never enter the house without washing your hands and feet. Head straight to the wash area. Rules applies even if you wear shoes. Footwear can collect a lot of germs than barefoot.
  2. Use soap to wash your hands once you are out of the toilet.
  3. Never pick your nose or ears. Private parts of the body are off-limits for hands unless they are being washed. Never blow your nose with right hands. Wash your hands before and after you touch your teeth, tongue or gum.
  4. Wash your fruits and vegetables 2/3 times before consuming them. Never cut a vegetable before washing it.
  5. Anything that’s fallen on the ground is not to be consumed, even if you wash it. Just throw is away in a bin.
  6. Wash the house and sterilize it with anti bacterial chemicals atleast once a week.
  7. Be cautious and very choosy on what you buy on the streets. Check the vendor’s health visually before buying. Check the area the vendor use to sell.
  8. Don’t drink water from unverified sources. Better to carry your own water in a clean and sterilized bottle.
  9. Rely on you visual and olfactory senses to judge the cleanliness of your environment.
  10. Wash your hands after your play session with pets and refrain from touching them often.
  11. Strip down your clothes and empty the contents of your baggage into the washing machine immediately when you are back from any journey. Wash them with Dettol.
  12. Never keep your baggage on the roads. If you had to… then don’t keep them on your lap while traveling. Wash them after the journey.
  13. Clothes and footwear are supposed to be clean and shiny. A speck of dirt literally translates to one million germs.
  14. Cut your nails and keep them clean. Get hair cuts and hair washes regularly.
  15. Don’t try new OTC medicines and old leftover medicines without medical approval. Try not to change your cosmetics brands often. Refrain from trying any new chemical based product in the market.

It may seem to be very diffcult to follow them practically. But once they are part of your lifestyle it will become very hard to deviate. Though the personal adaptability level will come down, these golden rules can save you and your family from any pandemic disease.


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