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Keeping Fit – II [Video]

This is the second post in the “Keeping Fit” series. Just like the first one, here I have shared videos of workout that involve no equipments. Training with equipments has to be done under professional supervision. The aim is not to develop 6 pack abs or Arnold like body. Its to keep your body fit and mind fresh.

Pushup types: Traditionally we are familiar with the regular pushup techniques. Pushups are one of the best work outs out there that can act on a lot of your body muscles. Check this site called hundredpushups. Once you are comfortable with regular pushup techniques, you can proceed to try out some variations like in the video shared below.

Working on the abdomen, there are many types of crunches. Bicycle crunch and Russian twists are a few types of abdomen exercise that’s very painful to do and very effective.

Bicycle crunch

Russian twist

Important: For all these exercises, start with 10 reps and keep them increasing to 3 to 5 sets of 15 reps every day. Take care not to injure the spine and the back bones by equally exerting the pressure to other parts of the body. If there is any pain, discontinue the routine and seek professional advice.


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