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Flu Fear

Bemused/Bewildered Up CloseI wasn’t a very healthy child. The number of times I had the thermometer stuck in my mouth is greater than the number of times I had an ice popsicle in it. I visited my family doctor so often that part of his new hospital building could have come out of my Dad’s wallet. Fever, cough and cold were so common and my school teachers would never doubt if I gave these as an excuse for absence. I may be a exaggerating a bit, but the common cold and common fever could have been named so, because they were so common in me. Any time I had a fever or flu symptoms, my parents would have the treatment template in hand. But never did they took it for granted and they panicked every-time I was down with flu. With God grace, I am a healthy grown up now and I can take care of myself under any type of situation. But my parents have never grown up.

I had slightly high temperature and was positive with flu like symptoms over this weekend. It was late night when my parents discovered this and they went instantly on red alert mode. The family doctor was disturbed in his mobile at wee hours and he agreed to see me at his home. Dad panicked like sesame seeds on a frying pan. He washed the electronic thermometer by immersing it in water.  He drove the car in wrong directions, pushed the wrong controls and violated almost all signals. All this was for 99 degree Fahrenheit. The doctor’s house arrived and as we walked in, his family members greeted us and kept distance from me. Surprisingly the doctor too kept a fairly good distance away from me. He never touched me or checked my temperature. Dad suggested that I be given some injection. But the doc said its not needed and he still stayed away. He wrote down the usual medicines and we were out of the house in less than 3 minutes. Such is the fear for swine flu.

Fever would never again be perceived the same way it was a few months ago. I never thought people would be afraid of fever at such an alarming intensity. The fear and hype media has created, really stuck deep into the minds of the common man. When I saw the people around me in fear, slowly the fear crept in me also. I checked blogs, videos, wikis and all possible online resources to confirm that my symptoms are not of swine flu’s. Unfortunately swine flu symptoms are not very different from common flu. The night was spent in fear and parents lost their sleep. Though I was diagnosed for viral fever later, my dad still calls me up from work every now and then. I realize the intensity of  pain and pressure I have given them when I was a child. All those sleepless nights and doctor visits are still haunting my parents. Though I recuperate from flu every-time with God’s grace, my parents have never come out of the trauma they faced all these years. This would be case with almost any parent in the world. Children grow up, but parents never do.


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  1. hkarthi

    glad u had only viral fever. take care and get well soon.

    September 1, 2009 at 4:42 PM

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