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Kanthaswamy – Review


Film: Kanthaswamy (Tamil, 2009)
Cast: Vikram, Shriya, Vadivelu, Prabhu and others
Direction: Susi Ganeshan
Music: Devi Sri Prasad

According to Princeton dictionary. Hype: (Verb): publicize in an exaggerated and often misleading manner. The movie Kanthaswamy and the expectations created around it for over 2 years, exactly fits into the princeton’s definition of Hype.

The storyline is not something new to the cinemas. Its a potpourri of atleast 10 Tamil movies with stunts and sequences inspired from Hollywood. The new factor would be the camera angles and lighting. The movie starts with devotees offering their prayers in writing to Lord Kanthaswamy in a temple in Thiruporur. Their prayers are answered (somehow everybody asks only for money… no one asks for health, peace or happiness). Who is delivering all this money and whats the source for this person? It turns out to be our Hero (rather Superhero) in a Rooster costume. Vikram is Kandaswamy, an officer with the CBI. He raids wealthy people and seizes money that are not declared to the government. He leaks away part of the seized money and distributes to the needy who pen their requirements at the temple.

One such wealthy person to be raided is the villain PPP enacted by Aashish Vidhyarthi and his daughter is Subbulakshmi enacted by Shreya Sharan. The story continues in the usual fashion as a cock and bull fight between Kanthaswamy and PPP. Shreya initially vows to avenge Kanthaswamy for the trouble he creates for her father. But later falls in love with him. How Kanthaswamy reveals the villains to the public and law is the remainder of the plot. Extravagent locations, costumes, stunt sequences are the help us stay awake throughout this movie which drags for almost 3 and half hours.

Vikram is as usual an embodiment of talent. He dons the role so well and makes it look like a cakewalk. If at all this movie deserves any applause, its equally shared between Vikram, special effects team and the camera crew. His costumes are good. Liked the parts where he plays Aishwarya Rai and an Old Priest. His masked cape crusader costume fit in well. Shreya is an irritant. RJ Suchi has dubbed for her and it doesn’t fit at all. She is trying to ape Shakira for the hip movements and imitate the bollywood fashion design. None suits her. Shreya wears both an attitude and skimpy outfits and neither does any good to her role. Negate the scenes with Shreya in it and still the movie is complete. She is an unnecessary ingredient for this totally unnecessary movie. Vadivel appears in a couple of comedy sequences, which never walks along with the movie. He is given the role, mainly for his brand name. The sequences are not enjoyable but on the other hand they are boring. His scenes can be negated as well. Prabhu has done a decent part.

With Shreya and Vadivel’s scenes reduced and a few more edits here and there, the entire story could have been an enjoyable 1 hour movie. Just before the climax (5 min before) there is an Item song by Mumaith Khan. After waiting for 3 hours for the movie to end, watching an Item song is totally an unpleasant experience. Post that scene, the villain pays 30 lakhs to Mumaith Khan for a private dance. Kanthaswamy tells him instead he could have adopted a village and helped the poor people for that money. That message is valid not only for the ultra wealthy high class, but also to the normal middle class people. Instead of spending money on unnecessary and trivial stuff, we can help the needy. The message conveyed by the plot is loud and clear. Undeclared money is contributing to the decay of our economy. These assets and liquid cash stowed away in banks and properties around the world has to be smoked out.

Sound Track Music (OST) by Devi Sri Prasad is not enjoyable. Its like a noise jam in the theater. The credits could have been rewritten as Sound pollution by Devi Sri Prasad. But he has done a commendable job with the background score. The remixing makes the movie enjoyable. I learnt that the production unit has adopted a village and helping them with the economic crisis. But still they could have minimized their unnecessary spending to market this movie for 2 whole years. Press meets, advertisements, electronic invitations (Rs 15,000 each), hoardings, Shreya and Vadivel salary and many such overheads could have been reduced to adopt another village. Why not?

Kanthaswamy is BandhaaSwamy…

gAdvice: Wait for few months and this movie will be premiered in TV soon.

gRating: 2.5/5


2 responses

  1. Nice Review…to the point ..of course no “bandha” in the review

    September 8, 2009 at 10:05 AM

  2. @PINASTRO thanks nanba….

    September 8, 2009 at 12:58 PM

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