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Rest in Peace "Sam" Patrick Swayze

ghost18 years ago I tagged along with my Dad and his friends to watch “Ghost” at the theatres. Its more of a ritual for my Dad and his friends to go watch a movie on Sunday. Saturday evenings there would be a no-table conference at the street corner. Dad’s friends would come with all their reviews and ideas collected over the week and start deciding on which movie to watch on Sunday. Madurai is a small city and there was only one theatre that regularly played English movies. On this particular saturday, my Dad’s friends were totally wrong about what they thought about “Ghost”. They assumed its a horror movie and Dad immediately voted for it. He even agreed when I said that I (10 years old then) wanted to go as well.

At the theater, it turned out to be my first ever movie with Sexually explicit scenes. No matter how many times my Dad tried to push me under the seat, I was able to get a good glimpse and hear what was going on in the Blue Screen. I didn’t even know it was Demi Moore (until I watched Striptease, later with my friends), but I can still remember the embarrassing moments my Dad was put through. Thanks to Patrick and Demi. LOL!

15pic218 years later Patrick is dead for real and will he come back (just like Sam in the movie) as a Ghost and whisper into Demi Moore’s ears that Mr Ashton Kutcher ain’t the right person for her? It will be a true Nightmare for Demi tonight!

Rest in Peace Patrick Swayze and let Demi live in peace. Don’t bother her. She is happy with her BoyKid Friend turned Husband, TrAshton Kutcher.

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  1. hkarthi

    RIP: Patrick Swayze ; oh! btw there seem to some problem with ur social icons .. its not displaying properly!

    September 15, 2009 at 6:52 PM

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