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Blue [Movie Review]


Review: Blue (2009)
Cast: Akshay Kumar, Sanjay Dutt, Lara Dutta, Zayed Khan, Katrina Kaif
Director : Anthony D’Souza
Music : A R Rahman

I wanted to watch the movie “Blue” for AR Rahman, Awesome trailer, all-new Lara Dutta and the lovely Sea Lady. Blue’s plot revolves around an underwater treasure which was sunken along with the ship “Lady in Blue” carrying it, 60 years ago.

Sanjay Dutt works for Akshay Kumar as an expert fisherman. They are good friends as well. Akshay is rich and eligible bachelor, interesting in flirting around and sleeping with almost anything which moves. Lara Dutta is Sanjay’s wife and she has a dream of opening a marine institute to conserve the underwater species. Zayeed Khan is Sanjay’s brother but he runs away from home and shows up in Bangkok. His introduction is quite fiery with shots inspired from racing movies like Need for Speed. He meets Katrina who is an aide to a local (hindi speaking) dada. She lures him into a shady job and he fails. The gangsters are after his life and he fleds back home to Sanjay. The gangsters follow him and kidnap Lara to threaten Sanjay and Zayed and make them return back the money lost by Zayed. In the backdrop, Akshay is behind Sanjay to convince him to join him for the “Lady in Blue” treasure hunt. Zayed also exerts pressure, but Sanjay refuses because he lost his father in an earlier attempt. Now with Lara in the hands of the gangsters, Sanjay is left with no choice but to get the treasure and give them the money. The rest of the story builds up when the trio set out for the treasure hunt.

The movie is filled with eye-pleasing locations and adrenaline filled action sequences. Music is good but it’s not upto AR Rahman’s standards. Kylie Minogue was offered over a million dollar to appear in a cameo role for an item song. This money could have been better wasted if flushed down the drain. Lara Dutta is looking piping hot. She has no major role in the story line other than to dance around in Bikini with Sanjay and serve as an eye candy. Akshay Kumar’s character is so much stereotyped and is highly predictable. Sanjay Dutt’s age is showing up in his face, body and body language. Its time he shifts to uncle, father kinda roles. Zayed has done justice to his role, but his character is loosely placed in the screenplay though it deserves a pivotal position in the plot. Just can’t digest that the oscar duo Resul Pookutty and AR Rahman couldn’t save the movie out of its Box Office Blues, as the most expensive bollywood flick drowns deep with failure.

gAdvice: If you are having no more odd jobs to waste time, then go watch Blue. Else pull the quilt and get a nice winter’s sleep coz when you wake up there would be better movies to watch.

gRate: 2/5


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