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There is still a lot of soul-searching to do and this, I think, is going to be a never-ending process. We are brought up with certain values and life teaches its own values as we grow up. Our personal behavior, human relations and ideology are based on these values of life. These values get hard-coded to your genes and it takes a gargantuan task to make any changes to one’s personal values. We make decisions based on these values as well. When I talk about values, they can be anything and everything that determines your actions and characters.

We tend to think that everybody will appreciate our good behavior, respectable actions, humanitarian thoughts and principles. But it’s not the case always. The society is a mutant. It has evolved into a system with exploitation as its core belief. The society is always on a look out for the weakest link. By default, it assumes that people with good values are the weakest link. If they are exploited, they seldom raise voice against the elements of society. When it comes to exploitation, the society is united. The negative synergy is used in tandem to trample the good soul. If it’s a bad soul, society thinks twice before applying any force against it. They have a highly evolved fuzzy logic in place that has learnt that any force applied against the bad souls will recoil and bounce back at the miscreants with greater strength. Hence the weaker links are never spared and the stronger ones are never dared.

The society has a misconception that the the souls with good values are the weakest. On the contrary, sticking to good values needs more force. I consider people who stick to their values as the strongest.

Coming back  to reality, the weak links are always caught in the crossfire between the actions of the society and their self-conscience. It doesn’t take lot of time and effort for the good to turn bad. But the inbuilt values are the barrier. Most of the times, this barrier is very difficult to cross. Very few times, the society succeeds in breaking down the values of a person and successfully converts them to the dark side. Such converts have a greater dark force than the inbreds. The converts strike with unbearable velocity. They are like a volcanic burst. All their emotions and personal values that were hurt and insulted explodes with the greatest force that a society of humanoids can actually bear.

But such converts are rare. The values are so tightly interwoven with their DNA footprints, that its very difficult for the dark force to take over. The torments of the society is accepted as a part and parcel of life and people adapt with the society and evolve mechanisms that helps them live with it. Ultimately there is a supreme force that is ruling over both the sides of the force. The verdict will be sent out soon and the day is not far…

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  1. of course choice is ours. But if the thing is right based on our values we should not feel guilty. oh that is in our genes lol

    November 3, 2009 at 3:56 PM

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