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Skoda Fabia Active – Test Drive [5 min review]

Following up on my activity of choosing a car to buy, I test drove a few other vehicles. I had a feeling that Skoda Fabia will be expensive, but I didn’t have any idea on the car. Fabia looks a lot like the Swift. But its build and quality is nowhere near any of the other hatchback available right now in the market. I was bent on getting the Diesel version in any car I choose. I knew it was 1-1.5 lakh more than the petrol variants, but still on the long run and for long runs, Diesel was a better option for me.

I was totally clueless about Skoda and I didn’t know the dealer in my city. So I went to their site and filled in a form for Test drive. A few hours later, I got a call, not from Skoda, but from The sales person on the call told that they have tie up with Skoda and they will ask the local dealer to contact me for a Test Drive. That didn’t happen for atleast 3 days. Then a guy called from the local dealer and he promised to send a test drive vehicle.

Skoda Fabia - Built for Quality

Skoda Fabia - Built for Quality

The next day I got the vehicle for test drive. It was Fabia Ambiente 1.4 PD TDI. The exterior was not so impressive to me. But the quality and finishing spoke for itself. The interior was so spacious that I forgot that I was sitting in a hatchback. No wonder it’s a premium hatchback. I was surprised to know that it was a Volkswagen engine. Under its hood was the famous TDI engine : a registered trademark of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft. The steering column was totally adjustable. It can be tilted, pushed or pulled. It had a OEM 2 DIN Audio system. The height adjustable driver seat was very comfortable. But the dash-board was quite dull with grey colored interiors. It look quite bland and not fancy. The rear seating was not very spacious. It can hold 2 adults comfortably. The boot had quite an innovative design with adjustable tray. It was spacious. The tyres were tubeless and the wheels were alloy.

The drive was pleasant, though nothing extra-ordinary to mention about. The reverse gear mechanism was something new. The first gear toggles as the rear gear, when pressed down. The engine was noisy compared to Fiat’s 1.3 MJD. But it’s quite bearable. Experts say the Fabia’s 3-cylinder engine will make the car capable of delivering a fuel economy of 14-15km per litre.

That was all I checked as I was running late for a meeting. I got the price quote and found it to be 2-3 lakh more than the other cars in the segment. But it’s quite justifiable. The reason for the price difference are:

  • 1.4 TDI engine
  • The Alloy Wheels
  • The 2 DIN Audio System
  • Height Adjustable Seats
  • and the overall build quality

Overall its a Sedan packed into a hatchback. It’s a very powerful vehicle and its ideal for the both long drives and city shunt. To me, its bit over-priced. I am not yet ready to get into the premium segment. If I am ready to pay 8 lakh for a hatchback, then why not go for a sedan? It all comes to a list of “what-you-want”. And this car exceeds my list and I am striking it off the list.

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