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Hootsuite just became better!

Hootsuite is my favorite online application for Twitter. I find it very easy to use. I love the Hootlet, the bookmarklet that lets you share links on the fly. The improvised interface provide tabbed UI. We can manage multiple accounts and multiple tabs among each account. Yesterday, Hootsuite just got better.

  • It can now talk with your Facebook account.
  • It can sync with LinkedIn and Ping.Fm accounts.
  • It supports the new “twitter list” feature

Just a few days ago, I was wondering why Tweetdeck has not yet come up with an update that can support twitter list. I am sure they must be working on it. But HootSuite is the first to introduce twitter list. Twitter List feature is better managed in a tabbed environment rather than in the web interface.

So 2 cheers to Hootsuite and soon expecting a similar update on my favorite desktop Twitter/FB client : Tweetdeck. And yes, while Tweetdeck for iPhone is already available, Hootsuite and Tweetdeck is also working on an iPhone interface.


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