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New to Farmville


I have been receiving invitations and notifications of all sorts in my Facebook for the Farmville applications. To be frank, I was irritated by the volume of invitations I got from many in my friends list. I ignored them for a while. But then people around me started talking Farmville. This made me quite inquisitive and I decided to try it out. During my college days, I used to play Age of Empires series in my PC. I was totally in love with that game. Day in / day out, I would be playing AOE and then came SimCity. Farmville falls in the genre of those games: Strategy games.

In a gist, you are given a farm and some virtual money to start with. You start farming and make profit and do more farming. You invite friends, help them out in their farms and in turn they help you. The game seems to have no ending. One can also buy coins and virtual money using real money. I haven’t tried that yet. But why is this game so addictive? Why is everyone talking about it?

The Green Connection

The game’s theme is green. Most of us like gardening, farming, etc… I was totally fond of it, until we expanded out house to take up the garden and to accommodate the expanding family, during my childhood. This game reminds you of your child hood. Today most of us are limited to gardening in cement pots. Farmville simulates the age of real farming. Farming is how human civilization started blooming. It caters to our genetic instinct.

Engaging Experience

The game application offer rich user experience. To start with, the game is quite engaging. It is integrated with your Facebook account and all your facebook friends can see what you are doing in it. Interested friends come and join in and so on. It has a high stickiness factor. You want to come around the next time and check your crops and cattle. You want to check what your neighbors are upto. I have heard how people have Farmville dreams and skip study hours to groom those crops and cattle.


The game design is very minimalistic.  It has very few tools and little options that gradually grow wider as you go up in the game. Getting into the game and getting out is quite straight forward. You don’t to rely on help documents, forums or interactive chat to get to know the game.

These are my initial thoughts after 2 days at Farmville.

Happy Farming!!!

p.s:  spot the “not-so-obvious” blooper in the image


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