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Tata Indica Vista Aura 1.3 QJD – Test Drive [5 min review]


Indica Vista was on my mind and on the list from the day I saw one on the road. At first sight, I didn’t realize it was an Indica.  I assumed it must be some Korean make or something else. I liked the exterior design, especially the parts near the rear door. After sighting one Black and White Limited Edition Vista on road, I almost decided that this would be my next car.

I wanted to test drive the Vista. I called the local dealers, but the people on phone were pushing for Punto, because I inquired about Punto with them earlier. So I walked into the showroom in person and demanded a test drive for Vista. Unfortunately, I walked in on a sunday and the sales person didn’t have keys to the Demo vehicle. So he took me to the service station and gave keys to a vista TDi. It was a basic version as well. As I stepped into the vehicle. I was totally disappointed. The dashboard was empty. It felt like I am in some cheap vehicle. As I started the engine, I sounded like the very old Tata Indiaca or the Indicab Diesel. I didn’t want to stay any longer. I jumped out of the car and asked him to bring a 1.3 Quadrajet to my place the very next day.

Next day as expected, he got an Aura 1.3 QJD (Quadrajet Diesel) to my place. The dashboard was pretty much the same. Except that it had a 2 DIN audio system with cheap speakers fitted. But the engine was awesome. It’s from the Fiat stables and it has a rock solid reputation. Surprisingly there was a dip in power when AC was on. This was quite disappointing. The gear box (Fiat OEM) was smooth except for the shift from the 1 to 2 gear. The driver seat was comfortable to an extent. The rear leg room was very spacious and the boot space was average. The steering rim was very thin. It lacked the sporty feel. The wheels are 14 inch, but they look tiny as compared to the body of the car.

The centrally placed instrument panel was not comfortable at all. I hated it in Palio as well. This is a good vehicle for Indian roads. It offers good value for money. But you get what you pay for. Also Tata Service stations don’t have a good reputation around here. They seem to treat all Indicas as cab vehicles. The design is good, and so is the engine. But there is a gap in the marriage. This car lacks the luxury factors of a B+ segment car.

This is another car, I am taking off the list…


2 responses

  1. have u tried the “Manza” yet?

    November 30, 2009 at 7:06 PM

  2. Manza, yes… Its sedan experience in Vista. But I was not looking for Sedan. I Was bent on 4 conditions: Diesel engine, Hatchback, Value for money and good resale value.

    December 1, 2009 at 3:06 PM

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