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Swift VDi – Test Drive [5 min review]


So far I have checked 3 hatchback and I was not completely satisfied with any of them. Either it was the high price or the low spec that kept them at bay. Maruthi Suzuki Swift is one of the most common hatchback you can find in Indian roads. It’s no more a car that can make heads turn. But the design of the car is such that, it can be modified and pimped up to make heads turn. Maruthi cars in India have been a success story from day one. There is a Maruthi authorized service center in almost every part of the country and even a basic car mechanic can fix the car in minutes. No other car manufacturer has studied the pulse of the nation and its roads, like Maruthi Suzuki has mastered. Most of their cars have a good resale value and buying a Maruthi is a very safe bet. My Dad’s first car was Maruthi 800. It was an integral part of our family. The tag line “India comes home in Maruthi”and that advertisement connects with us as much as it connects with any Indian family.

A Maruthi is already parked in our garage. It’s a Maruthi Swift Dzire VDi, the sedan version of Maruthi Swift. This car is totally awesome and its the best value for money one can get in Indian Automotive market. But we already have a Maruthi, and I was reluctant to get another Swift into the house. With much reluctance and with not much options left, I called for a Test drive. The local dealer got the Demo car. It was a Swift VDi version and I expected it to have all the features of the Swift dZire VDi. But it doesn’t come with the integrated Audio system like the one in dZire. Plus there were a few other minor features missing.

I don’t have anything new to talk about the Swift. But this particular Demo car was an aging horse. It was not maintained well and it didn’t give me the driving pleasure unlike my year old Swift dZire. So I sent away the car and called up a friend who owns the Swift, but the petrol version. After driving it around, I felt that I must definitely drive a diesel version, if at all I have to choose a Swift. The driving experience in a petrol version Swift is much different than the diesel version.

Still waiting to test drive a Diesel Swift and the decision is more likely to be in favor of Maruthi.

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