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Law Abiding Citizen – Movie Review


Title: Law Abiding Citizen
Language: English
Starring: Gerald Butler and Jamie Foxx

Clyde (Gerald Butler) is a super intelligent person with a wife and a 10-year-old kid. One day a couple of crooks break into his house and brutally murders his wife and daughter. Nick (Jamie Foxx) is the assistant district attorney who is handling the case. Due to lack of pressing evidence he strikes a deal with one of the captured murderer and gets him to testify against the other murderer. The second murderer is given death sentence while the one who testified walks away with 10 years RI. Clyde is not happy with it. In fact he is not happy with the entire legal system. He vows to bring the legal system to its knees.

After 10 years when the murderer is released, Clyde brutally murders him. He cuts him alive into 25 pieces and tapes the entire execution. Nick and the police department together figure out that Clyde is the murder and arrest him. But they don’t have any hard evidence against him and they need his confession. The real game starts now. Clyde makes a series of demands in exchange of his confession and other odd requirements in Jail. Nick and the DA’s office yield to his demands only to find more bodies to bag. Clyde continues to stage the murder of prominent people in the Philadelphia legal system and he proves to be unstoppable, though he is in jail. Nick looses all his colleagues to Clyde’s carnage and he tries really hard to figure out how Clyde manages to carry out the murders from within the cell walls.

The plot of the movie is wonderfully woven to give a gripping experience. The story questions the legal system of USA, but it’s quite valid for many other countries too. But with such a weak system in place, how to mend it? The answer isn’t there in the movie climax. Instead the climax is very cinematic and totally absurd. But all credit goes to Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx who work perfect against each other. They have moulded themselves into the characters they play. Jamie Foxx as a prejudiced lawyer and Gerald Butler as an intelligent con murderer with lots of vengeance and a point to make, have clearly played their roles to pinnacle.

This movie is worth a watch, but the climax can be skipped. Be warned that the movie has a lot of brutal violence.

gAdvice: Watch it… jump the climax

gRate: 3.5/5


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