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Firmware updates for N95 8B

Its been eons since Nokia released a firmware update for my N95 8GB. I started to think that they have forgotten this ex-flagship device and they might be no more updates. But surprising today they have released the firmware updates via the NSU (Nokia Software update) software.

But updating the N95 8GB is a real pain. Unlike the newer Symbian phones, this one hasn’t got UDP (User Data Preservation). Which means, once updated all the data stored in the phones is banished to no-point of recovery, unless you have a backup of the vital data. But you wont be able to back up applications installed. Most of the applications would vanish. It’s a pain to sit down, sign and install all the favorite application from the scratch. Ofcourse there are some applications which do a batch install of SIS files and yet its a pain.

Nokia have not given out the update details like the list of bugs fixed and change log. So it’s not yet possible to check if all the efforts are really worth it. With my hectic schedule and lengthy to-do list, it would take a week for me to completely restore my mobile after a firmware update. So this long weekend is now charted for the N95 8GB firmware update v35.0.01.

N82 and N95 have received v35.0.002 updates.


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