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Happy New Year!!!

Happy 2010

Every year, we celebrate the dawn of a New Year. News and Media talk about events that happened this year. Blogs and portals come out with all sorts of lists. We send email, e-greetings, wish each other over social networks. We send text messages untill the networks get clogged. We party hard. Drive like crazy zombies in bikes on New Year eve. Shout on top of voice. We also take a day off by declaring the New Year a public holiday. But what is a New Year? Many of us fail to realize the actual meaning of a New Year.

A New Year means our earth is older by another year. She has just completed a revolution around the sun and with no declared public holiday or pit-stop, she has to continue with her revolution. He has been spinning around her own axis for 365 times during this revolution. While she has been toiling herself in hard work, we have been abusing her with all possible pollution. We have been exploiting her and depriving her of all her resources. Our Earth is the most pitiable planet on the solar system because she is the only one to be abused and exploited by humans.

We don’t stop by to thank her or congratulate her for completing this incredible feat of coming around the sun. But we congratulate each other and wish a Happy New Year.

So this year, lets gather our mind for a minute and realize the mighty feat of mother earth. Lets thank her for the all the resources she has been providing and for all patience she has had towards the human race and its parasitical nature. Let’s congratulate her and wish her a long life. Lets take an oath to protect her at any cost and by all means. Let’s stop abusing the very earth that has been nourishing life.

Happy New Year!!!

2 responses

  1. K

    Wish you the same.

    January 1, 2010 at 1:06 PM

  2. Yes sir.. wish u the same

    January 1, 2010 at 1:19 PM

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