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iWrite what iThink about iPad

There is no blogger left out there who hasn’t blogged or tweeted about the iPad. Following my rant rampage in twitter, ill consolidate my thoughts about iPad and full a full stop.

iPad created a lot of expectations among the gadget geeks. There were a million rumor threads, imaginative illustrations, name contest and much more going on for over 2 years on that topic. Naturally everybody had their expectations and speculations pimped up. Finally on the D-Day, when Apple came out and announced this iPad, the speculations was turned to dust.

If in-case, there had been no high expectations then this device would have been a head turner and not a comedy track churner. But its Apple, so naturally every fan boy out there would expect them to come out with a cutting edge technology that will be creative and would change the history forever.

As many bloggers and critics out there have already concluded, iPad fails because of

  1. The lame sounding name ‘iPad’. Seriously Jobs, is that your best? Is that all your team could come up with? iPad? Fails flat on the face in the name department.
  2. No OSx. Why not? Why do we still have to struggle with the bloated version of  iPhone OS?
  3. Now what the heck is that micro SIM? Why do you want to put us through this torture? Why can’t you just have a regular SIM, while the functionality is of just the regular SIM?
  4. Looks like an iPhone X 4. Apple has lost map to its innovation department or what? Why does it have to look mundane and clichéd?
  5. What will one do with an iPad in a remote part of the earth, where there is no WiFi or 3G? Listen to music and watch a movie? I thought the iPhone has already given us these abilities.
  6. Kindle killer? When the manufacturers are still struggling to make an iPhone killer, Apple has come out with a kindle killer and fails terrible to kill or even get anywhere closer to killing the kindle.
  7. iPad is predominantly an internet surfing device. It would be fun to play Farmville on it. Touch to plow! Whatteh fun! My laptop, mouse and keypad are better suited for 99% of the websites out there.
  8. Mono speaker? LMAO! Are we in the 80’s?

I read many articles which crib about the iPad not having a camera. Let me get it straight. How can you take a picture with a 10″ x 8″ slate sized device? Well, maybe they meant the front camera for 3G video calls. Now, that’s a serious fail. When they take pains to include the 3G hardware and a stupid Micro SIM, why don’t you let us make video calls?

It’s a suggestion for Apple to let the iPad fade away from their product line as soon as possible. Don’t even attempt to come up with next generation versions with improvements and added specs. Just forget this device and get back to square one.


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