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The earth day blog post

Lets make a better place

I have written many blog post on how we can make the world a better place. But what do I practically do to contribute my share?

  1. I hate plastic bags. I have passed on the hatred to my family members and we have minimized the usage of plastic bags and we carry our own bags.
  2. I store old newspapers and ensure that I give it to the recyclers.
  3. Installed solar heater as an alternative for the electric geysers at home.
  4. Sunlight is abundant and we try to substitute it for electric lamps whenever and wherever possible.
  5. Papers that have been used or printed on one side are collected and used as scribble pads at home and in office.
  6. I read emails, PDF and Documents in my laptop or mobile and avoid taking printouts when necessary. Even I don’t take printouts of online movie tickets. I show them the email on mobile directly and many accept it.
  7. I check the taps around the house, regularly for leakage and fix them immediately.
  8. We have installed control valves for all taps and regulate optimal flow and save water wherever possible.
  9. I don’t use chemical fertilizers for the garden and I substitute it with natural composite fertilizers.
  10. I switch off my car at signal stops and traffic jams
  11. and I have mastered the technique to clean my car in 1 liter of water

I know that as a single person I can’t make a huge difference, but still when many hands join, the Earth can surely be a better place for the next generation.

Bonus: Here are a few interesting energy-saving gadgets.

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  1. yes I join…

    April 23, 2010 at 2:30 PM

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