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The week that was…

foots crossed

The social networking world around me had been on pause for the past 2 weeks or so. Work and work related travel had me occupied 24/7. There was no blog posts and very little tweets and occasional facebook pokes and posts. My google reader aggregator has more than 2000+ unread items. Life without these activities seems to be a bit off-track for me. I wouldn’t call it an addiction, but its more of a disruption in the daily routine. So what has kept me busy?

Officially I am working on a mobile application development and that had my 50% of my life-clock reserved. The remaining 50% was occupied by the so-called corporate process flow, approvals, mails, scheduled meetings, un-scheduled meetups, negotiations, and what not. It makes me sick and tired to follow procedures and follow-up process for something which must have been automated. Feels like inventing and re-inventing the wheel, everytime when I start my car. Then there was some corporate travel, for which I had to follow-up approvals, mails and collect documents, etc… I wish the world was a single country. That would save nearly 25% of my total lifetime which was spent on collecting documents for visa, passport, tickets, immigration, transit, security checks, body scan and so on.

Enough of cribbing, now let me move on to the good part. My best friend Rohit, gave birth to a bundle of joy. Its a boy baby! and they have named him Yohan. We are so happy for him and I went to visit Yohan in the hospital. He is cuteness redefined. Wishing the new born a life time supply of good health, prosperity and boundless happiness. Then at Singapore transit lounge, I caught up with my school friend Chella Mohan. Thanks to Facebook, we caught up with each other and planned the meet. I was eager to meet her 3 yr old bunny. But Chella didn’t bring her along, fearing that she would spend most of the time trying to catchup with the super active and mischievous bunny at the busy airport. We had a nice chat, but short of time and I almost missed my flight. I was back in Manila for a workshop. I met my colleagues and friends in Manila and spent some wonderful, short yet quality moments with them. Professionally, the workshop was quite useful.

So now its all ticked off my to-do list. Here I am, sitting peacefully in the corner of my desk and recollecting the moments to fill up this blog post and catching up with twitter time-line and the unread items in Google reader.


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  1. Phew! Where are you these days anyway ? I mean which office ?

    August 4, 2010 at 10:18 PM

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